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Nothing will bring you more peace in your life than a consistent and thorough study of the Word of God. As you study the life of Jesus Christ that is found in the New Testament and the teachings of the Prophets found in the Old Testament you will grow closer to God. It can be very difficult to find the necessary time to sit down and actually read from the Holy Bible every day, and for that reason we have made these highly interesting audio recordings of the Bible. Now you can find time to listen to the Bible as you do other daily tasks. The audio Bibles in this category are MP3 recordings of the Bible that are easily compatible with your iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Simply put these recordings on your apple device and start listening instantly. You will be able to easily navigate your way through the Bible because of the simple organization by chapter and book.

We have been selling audio Bibles for many years, and we have become professionals in our products. We have worked hard to have only the highest quality recordings available and we offer them at great prices! We have a large collection of different audio Bibles, so please take the necessary time to look through our selection and find the version that is right for you and your family. Our audio Bibles go through an extreme process in order to assure authenticity, so you can know that these audio Bibles are accurate representations of the Word of God. We aim only to help you find what you need, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


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