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Cassette Tape

The holy Bible is the most important book ever written, and we should study it consistently in order to grow spiritually. As we learn about God through His Gospel, which is found in the words of the Holy Bible we grow closer to Him. It may be extremely hard for you to find time in your busy life to read the Holy Bible, but that is why we are here to provide you with high quality audio recordings of the Bible. All of the audio Bibles in this category are on cassette tape. Cassette tapes are a convenient way for people to listen to the Bible because stereo systems and automobile radios have cassette players already built in. You can easily listen to your new audio Bible as you drive in your car or as you work around the house! Our audio Bibles include a large case of tapes that are arranged by book and chapter so you can easily navigate the Bible as you read.

We have searched long and hard in order to provide you with only the best audio recordings of the Word of God available. Browse through our wide collection of products and consider which translation of the Bible you are most familiar with. All translations that we provide are accurate and provide the same general message, but some translations are easier to understand for certain people because of their familiarity with each version. Feel free to contact us if you have any problem finding the audio Bible version that you desire. We are always happy to help!


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