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Catholic Bible

The Catholic Bible is a highly used translation of the Holy Scriptures. This is the official translation used in the Catholic Church and has to be approved by the Apostolic or the council of Bishops in order to be used. All changes and additions to the canon must be looked at by the Pope in order to be accepted by the Catholic Church. This Bible was translated from the ancient manuscripts that were written in the languages of Greek and Hebrew (Greek for the New Testament and Hebrew for the Old Testament). This is a Bible that strives for doctrinal accuracy. Every word was highly contemplated in order to provide the most accurate translation. This Bible is one of the most used translations used in the Catholic Church. This Bible contains the deuterocanonical books, otherwise known as the Apocrypha among other Christians. These books are part of the Catholic canon of Holy Scripture.

Nothing could help you grow closer to God more than the Holy Bible. As you consistently study the Word of God found in the Holy Bible you will find more peace and happiness in your life. As you fully build the habit of reading daily from the Bible you will have a better relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Listening to the Bible as an audio Bible is a great way for you to really understand the main messages of the Holy Bible. Make the decision to use our audio Bibles and start listening today!  



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