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Kid's Bible

Raising children in this difficult world can be a very challenging task for any parent. The media constantly promotes and glorifies sin and misdeed. The best thing that a parent can do to battle this constant barage of negative media is to expose their children to the Word of God from a young age. A firm knowledge of the Holy Bible will give your children the strength that they need in order to stay clean in an increasingly dirty world. If you help your children to build the habit of reading consistently, every day, from the Holy Scriptures you will give them the ability to find the answers to the hardest questions of life. God has given us His Word because he loves us deeply and wants the best for us. We must take advantage of this great gift from God by reading, understanding, and applying the teachings of the Holy Bible. Starting at a young age to learn the Word of God will give your children an advantage in understanding the teachings of God. They will begin to grow closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ, and will be cared for by his Holy Hand.

Our collection of children's audio Bibles is filled with different reading experiences. You will know best which children's audio Bible will be best for your children. Take the time necessary to look through our collection and find the best audio Bible for your family. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always here to help you, and we want you to find exactly what you need. 


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