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Electronic Bible

The Holy Bible can change your life if you allow it to. A consistent daily study of the Word of God can bring more spirituality into your life and a more direction in life. The best way to grow closer to God is through the Holy Bible. Many people find it hard to find the time needed to read daily, but that is precisely why we have made these audio recordings of the Bible. All of the Audio Bibles in this category are MP3 recordings of the Bible that are already put onto an MP3 player. Now you don't have to worry about dealing with tricky players and computers. The MP3 players come preloaded with your audio Bible so all you have to do is press play! Our audio Bibles are generally organized into separate tracks, with each track representing a different chapter from a different book. Now you can easily find your place when you read the Bible!

All of our audio Bibles are the best recordings on the market and they are made to be extremely entertaining and spiritually uplifting. You should take the time to look through our wide selection and find the translation, narrator, and version that is right for you. Find what you are most familiar with and we know you will be satisfied. Your family will grow closer as you all enjoy the Word of God together. We are always here to help and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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