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• Word for word narration
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Complete King James Bible on 60 CDs
• Voice only narration by Alexander Scourby
• Black nylon zipper carrying case
• Length: 71 Hours and 14 Minutes of Bible Reading
• Each CD has each chapter indexed on its on track to easily find the chapter you want to listen to.
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Alexander Scourby
• Alexander Scourby was the first person to make a complete recording of the Bible in 1944.
• Alexander Scourby made voice recordings of over 500 different books, he considered the Bible to be his most important
• Alexander Scourby worked in both radio and television as both a narrator and actor
Translation Information:
• King James Version
• Number of Translators: 54
• The KJV is a word for word translation.
• The King James Version was originally published in 1611

Most Recent Customer Reviews:

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  1. 1

    My Mom is happy

    By Les M from Canada

    My mom is 71 and has really bad cataracts in both eyes and is unable to see anymore and cannot read her bible anymore. She can enjoy her bible now like she did before. She actually started crying when she got it she was so happy.

  2. 1

    Perfect for my need..

    By Unknown

    My sister is 'developmentally delayed' she has a reading disability, and loves the Bible....she wore out her cassettes, of which she didn't have a full set. She wanted the Old and New Testaments and this is perfect for her. She'll sit for a long time and listen.

  3. 1

    Audio Bible

    By Unknown

    Just what i was looking for. Thank you!

  4. 1

    audio cd's

    By Margaret

    Thanks for the safe arrival of my Bible Audio CD's. They are fantastic.

  5. 1

    John and Jeanette's Bible Study

    By Jeanette Partridge

    Great CD. We are on our second time around and are on the last disc now. When we are thru with revelation we are starting over again for the third time. We learn something new each time.

  6. 1

    My Husband loves it.

    By Rhonda J Marr

    I bought this audio Bible for my husband. He loves it. He says the quality of the sound and the voice of the reader are great. I am hearing impaired myself, so needed help from the reviewers and their reviews helped me decide on this one. You all helped me choose the best one. Thanks!

  7. 1


    By Errol C McDermott sr

    Been looking for something like this for a very long time. Hearing the written Word at nite and while driving is such a blessing. Would recommend this to anyone.

  8. 1

    King James Bible on CD by Alexander Scourby

    By Jeffery L. Vincent

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Very easy listening. A great tool to have in the car whether you are going on a short trip or a long one. An awesome way too get in your daily reading.

  9. 1

    KJV Bible on cd by Alexander Scourby

    By Michael Moore

    I bought this Bible for my adopted Aunt. She says on a scale from one to ten, she gives it fifty. She also says it's above high quality.

  10. 1


    By Deana Reh

    I purchased this for my husband for Valentine's Day. What a wonderful group of CD's. Alexander Scourby makes all the words come to life. Great listening in the car as he commutes to and from work. VERY pleased with the purchase.

  11. 1

    a true bible for everyone

    By C Kathleen Bailey

    This audio bible is perfect for everyone who is busy or just wants to listen to the word doing everything from driving to chasing small children around the house! His voice is both soothing and relaxing but very clear and distinct to the announcement of each word. You won't be disappointed.

  12. 1

    Faith comes by Hearing, Hearing by The Word

    By Erin Y. Wheeler

    Thank you so much, Brothers and Sisters in The Lord Jesus Christ, for making these wonderful Audio Bibles available!! You are laying up treasure in Heaven

  13. 1

    Comfort zone

    By James Browning

    I enjoy the ease and comfort of being able to listen to the Bible and what with the high tech times we live in, we have a cd player on the pc, in the car and truck and on the tv. I recently went to IN to visit some friends and going to and from, I was almost able to listen to the New Testament.

  14. 1

    King James Audio Bible on CD

    By Kerry Spiteri of BRANYAN

    We liked this audio Bible because Alexander Scourby reads clearly and at a pace that is able to be followed. We liked it so much, we bought extra sets for family members.

  15. 1

    easy to listen to and to understand

    By C Kathleen Bailey

    Clear speech and easy to listen to why driving or doing chores. Perfect for a individual to learn the bible and get a full understanding of it. A must have tool for any Christian. I have already ordered 12 of these for people at work and they are very pleased with this cd.

  16. 1

    I love it

    By Pauline Samuels

    I love the audio Bible so much because some of the names I can not pronounce so good so I understand the Bible more. Thanks for asking and God bless you all. Have a nice day.

  17. 1

    My opinion on the Audio Bible

    By Helen Hess

    I absolutely love it. I am not a reader so I can listen to it and get a lot more out of it than reading it. I can listen to it over a few times and it helps me to remember. So Glad I sent for it. It is a gift for my husbands birthday. Alexander Scourby does a fantastic job. Very satisfied.

  18. 1

    Knowledgeable, lively narration

    By Susan A Woods

    I've been wondering all my life how to pronounce those names in Genesis. Now I know. I'd get so worried about saying it wrong that I was missing the meaning of the story. It's so much more meaningful hearing it read by someone who knows how to say it and how to use his voice to enhance the story.

  19. 1


    By Linda B Russell

    This was purchased for my Mom; she always loved to read the bible, but lost her eyesight. Therefore it was wonderful for her and also me.

  20. 1

    Excellent Narration

    By Lara Hawkins

    Alexander Scourby narrates with pleasing cadence and accurate emotion (ie triumphant voice when reading a psalm of exaltation) bringing his narration to life. The audio quality is clear and there is no 'midi' background music. This set is a real treasure listed at a bargain price.

  21. 1



    This audio bible has been very inspiring to me i recommend it to every one it has truly helped me in my journey. i am Blessed to have it.

  22. 1

    KJV CD complete set

    By Lesley O'Hern

    This product is everything I had hoped for, clear and specific disc labelling, a resonant clear voice, good enunciation and read with understanding.

  23. 1


    By marshellett Smith

    It's the best the words is spoken clearly and it's as if your right their I'm so caught up with work sometime so I just listen to it cause I don't get to read my bible like I would like too!!!!!!

  24. 1

    Great Purchase

    By Tommy Lamar Jackson

    This was a great purchase. The price was reasonable. The product arrived and in good condition. My only disappointment is that one of the CD's so far has a recording glitch. Hopefully all the other discs are in perfect condition.

  25. 1

    King James Bible on CD by Alexander Scourby (Voice Only) on 60 CDs

    By Warren Woolridge

    Ordered bible over the phone on Christmas Eve; yes someone actually answered the phone! and received confirmation Boxing Day. The level of service I received was outstanding and my mother loves her gift. If you are like me and hesitant to order/pay online - don't be! This is a company you can trust!

  26. 1

    Loving my audio bible

    By cathy hargrove

    I wanted a way to read my bible in the car or while doing chores at home. I ordered the New and Old Testament reading by Alexander Scourby without music background. I can not say how much I have enjoyed these cd's. This morning while drinking my coffee, I listened to the entire book of Esther twice.

  27. 1

    Traveling with the Word

    By Vicki Gibson

    I love my Holy Bible on CD! I recently moved to an area with no churches or fellowship and very few Christians. At the same time I was very busy and found myself spending less and less time with the Lord. Now I can listen to the Word in my car, my home and while I am working and feel less lonely.

  28. 1

    The Holy Bible on CD

    By Kenneth M Henry

    There is no better audio CD for the Bible than this. After listening to some others, and then playing this one by Alexander Scourby I decided this one was the best. No human brings the Bible to life like him. I liked it enough to buy another one for my girlfriend.

  29. 1

    Out Standing collection

    By Leslie Kennedy

    The sound and quality of the CD's is out standing i would highly recomend that anyone who doesn't have the time to read purchase this remarckable collection

  30. 1

    Easy and convienent

    By Joshua Trahan

    This product was a gift for my grandmother who is home-bound. Her eyesight is starting to fail, but she wants to stay in the Word.

  31. 1

    The Majestic Voice

    By Daniel Beitchman

    The sound and audio quality is excellent. Alexander Scourby to me is the best reader for the King James Version Bible.

  32. 1

    Wonderful King James CD Set!!! Highly Recommended!

    By Pamela Wilson

    I really enjoy this CD set, my first! I travel a couple of hours on the road each day and listen to it daily. Before this time, reading the Bible was sporatic. Mr. Scourby makes it easy to listen to and absorb what the Bible has to say. He speaks clearly. Very enjoyable and a true blessing. Thanks!

  33. 1

    Audio Bible review

    By Hubert A. West, Jr

    I love hearing Alexander Scourby read the Scriptures. I have heard many audio cassettes, etc with him reading the Scripture, but this is the best one I have heard. It is clear and precise and brings the words to life.

  34. 1

    Awesome Study Aid


    The Holy Bible on CD is a great study aid, while doing chores, sitting in traffic, for those who find it hard to make time to sit and read, and for those who want to get more out of their reading. The narrator is excellent, his voice inflections provides a vivid word picture of the unfolding event.

  35. 1


    By Daniel Blackwell

    Bought for another person on basis of others reviews. Looks amazing but will not be using.

  36. 1

    This KJV Audio Bible Blesses My Soul!

    By Maria A Piscitelle

    I love to read the Word of God every day, but sometimes I'm not able to. I grew up reading the King James Version and am very pleased with this KJV audio Bible. Mr. Scourby reads very clear. I feel God's presence as I do when I'm reading! I copied the CD's onto my ipod and take it every everywhere!

  37. 1

    Bible review

    By Tom cooper

    Great I listen to this in my car commuting back and forth to work, I am on the second time. Now, what would be good is to have a written summary for each disk highlights this would be supplied with the disks when you purchase.

  38. 1

    Excellent for my father who can no longer see to read.

    By Kenneth L. Carper

    The narration is outstanding. We also appreciate the permanent packaging which displays each CD in proper order. It is very easy to keep them in order in the package sleeves, and the labeling is easy to read. My aging father is very pleased with this product!

  39. 1

    Great reading!

    By Christopher Norman

    I have been listening to this Bible every day to and from work for two years. Scourby's reading never gets monotonous or boring. Very well done. I highly recommend this product. The case keeps the cd's in order, but has sustained some slight internal damage, but has held up well overall.

  40. 1

    The Living WORD

    By Maria E Tuma

    The Bible read by Alexander Scourby KJV version is a must every Christian should own. It is clear and one can follow reading your own Bible KJV.

  41. 1

    King James Bible by Alexander Scourby

    By Karen M Izzo

    I love this version of the audio bible. I did not get the dramatic version as I enjoy the sound of Alexander Scourby's reading voice. It is thoughtful and yet big enough to capture and maintain my attention. I listen to the tapes while driving, which certainly helps start the day right.

  42. 1

    Audible Holy Bible

    By Betty J. Pack

    This is great to listen to in the car during my commute. The message is clear and awesome!

  43. 1

    Excellent product

    By Gwen Griffiths

    I purchased this version of the Bible for an elderly friend who is blind. She is delighted now to have the whole Bible on CD (previously had only New Testament) in a version that she is familiar with. Mr Scourby's professional voice is a pleasure to listen to & brings the Bible alive for her.

  44. 1

    King James Bible on 60 CD by Alexander Scourby

    By T. Scott Templeton

    I love this because of his clear voice and inflections.

  45. 1

    King James Bible on CD Review


    I enthusiastically recommend. Great study aid, it reinforces my Bible Study. I listen to the CD's when working around the house and while driving in bumper to bumper traffic. It is easy to replay track as often as needed and to pause to answer the door or phone.

  46. 1

    King James Bible

    By Clarence Britt

    The Bible CD's are very inspiring to listen to. I would recoment these Bible CD's to anyone. We listen to them every day.

  47. 1

    Best Buy Best Purchase

    By Sarah Wilson

    I have always read the King James Version of the bible but wanted to listen to audio. I finally found the one that I liked narrated by Alexander Scourby. His voice brings out the best in the scriptures. I'm enjoying listening, no problems with the CD's so far.

  48. 1

    Quite Pleased

    By Joyce Gordon

    This is my 2nd purchase of this product. The 1st CD set was for myself. The 2nd set was for my dear friend who just lost her husband suddenly of a heart attack. She was so pleased with the gift and the comfort it will bring. I play my CD's every day and have had no problems. Highly recommend.

  49. 1

    Thank you very much

    By Jason R. Cabello

    I just recently got my King James Bible on 60 CD by Alexander Scourby, and it's EXCELLENT.

  50. 1

    Bible on CD

    By Melissa Smith

    We play these CD's every night & both thoroughly love them. I would totally give them a 100% rating except there are a few slight variations in the recording. Overall though they are AWESOME & I totally recommend it :)

  51. 1

    Excellent Value

    By Teresa Moore

    Had the Bible read by Alexander Scourby on Cassette for many years, but it was time to replace the worn tapes. The ease of the CD to find specific scriptures is wonderful, the small, protective case requires much less storage space. Price was right too!

  52. 1

    King James Bible on CD by Alexander Scourby

    By James Browning

    I enjoy the King James Bible on CD because it is so versatile. I like it the most for when I travel, it gives me hours of listening pleasure. The pronunciation of the names and different words in the Bible is also beneficial.

  53. 1


    By Andrew J Hickey


  54. 1

    Scourrby's KJV

    By James K. Brandau

    Scourby and KJV is unbeatable! I wore my cassettes out and tried other versions on CD. No comparison! I'm back with Scourby KJV on CD. The KJV is unexcelled in scholarship an was the anchor for the English language for three centuries!

  55. 1


    By Janet Ames

    I got the audio CDs as a gift for my husband. He has never been so pleased. He loves the sound quality and the ease of use. He is able to listen and consentrate on what he is reading not on the CD. There is nothing he has found wrong with the CDs. The price was very good.

  56. 1

    Geat Listening

    By Charles Brophy

    Great listening. Comforting to hear the words of GOD, in a great voice. Audio Bible takes the edge off the days troubles.

  57. 1

    Incredible value... and service!

    By Carol A. Woods

    I bought the Bible on CD by Scourby for my mother who is almost blind, and it has been a great aid to keep her in the Word. The value is amazing, as the CDs are less than $1 each and come in a lovely case. An added bonus was the personal note enclosed from Mr. Dennis that blessed me greatly!

  58. 1

    A must have for everyone.

    By Michael Snook

    The absolute best purchase I have made. This is something I can pass on to my grandchildren to last for years to come.

  59. 1

    Extremely Inspiring

    By Sheryl Gluch

    The Bible read by Alexander Scourby was excelent. His voice helps to keep my attention. My son likes it very much. He usually listens to it on His way to work. he grew up hearing them on cassettes so we both knew what to expect. thank you for a job well done.

  60. 1

    Great product!

    By Jessica Lavy

    I enjoy listening to the cds of the Bible. I am not much into reading and for me it is easier to listen. It makes it easier for me to understand the Bible. I like that I can just put in the cd and listen and learn about the Bible. Thanks for this great product. I'd recommend it to anyone!

  61. 1

    Happy with order

    By Amy C. Shaw

    I ordered this audio Bible for my Dad who cannot see well enough to read anymore. I wanted good enunciation, KJV, and a pleasant, yet professional sounding voice. This collection meets all of the criteria.

  62. 1


    By john f healey

    great voice , clear , well done . 10 stars !!!! great voice , clear , well done . 10 stars !!!!

  63. 1




  64. 1


    By Norma Victorino

    Love the way the voice takes you away into the bible and makes you feel as if you were there.

  65. 1

    Good listening

    By Helen Youngblood

    I had the Bible on tapes that were wearing out and was so pleased to find both testaments on CD. Alexander Scourby has a distinctive voice and I like the audio version of him reading the KJB on CD's. I plan to get other audio Bible Versions on CD now that I have found the best place to purchase them.

  66. 1

    Great Travel Companion

    By Patrick Schultz

    I got this for my wife, she will be able to review a scripture many times in the day when you may not be able to read the bible, but I plan to use it also, but also wanting to get the English version when it becomes available. Great Gift.

  67. 1

    KJV cds

    By Phillip L. Powers

    these CDs have been a blessing for my mother-in-Law since she is unable to read her bible anymore, due to macular degeneration.

  68. 1

    Good Buy


    Need a cd version because I drive a lot so easy to get my study in, this is a very good version, nice voice not dull but not over the top. Would recommend this CD Bible.

  69. 1


    By James M Canode

    Sometimes I am pressed for time during the day to stop and read the Bible. I've found I can listen to scripture when I'm doing light paperwork or other physical things that I have to complete during business hours. When I do read and listen at the same time, I seem to absorb more. GREAT JOB!

  70. 1

    King James Bible on CD by Alexander Scourby

    By Judi Smith

    Alexander Scourby does a fabulous job of reading the Bible. His voice is very easy to listen to and the readings very clear. We are 100% satisfied! We carry this set in our car.

  71. 1

    Listening to the Living Word

    By Harry

    I am extremely satisfied and happy with my purchase. I have a thirty minute drive to work and I am enjoying listening to the Bible enroute. Placing my order was easy and it arrived on time. Thank you Audio Bibles! The carrying case is as efficient as the quality of the sound is appeasing.

  72. 1


    By Sharon L. Sears

    I bought this almost 3 yrs ago I listen to it nightly and it is still going strong. I am amazed at what I hear and what I missed while reading the Bible on my own. Mr.Scourby does a fantatic job, I love how he changes his voice on verses. I bought this item and New Testatment for two friends. Great!

  73. 1

    talking bible

    By stephen roseberry

    I love my audio Bible! It is amazing how much you learn when you keep it going in your car, your bedroom as you go to sleep, even in my shop while working. It goes without saying that Alexander Scourby has the greatest voice out there for any reading, especially the Bible.

  74. 1

    Excellent. Everything one could want

    By Susan Tantlinger

    This Bible is perfect. The quality of the reading adds just enough drama to make the long sentences in Paul's writing more understandable. I love it. Wouldn't change a thing. The case is real quality as well. Buy this Bible!

  75. 1



    This is a wonderful way to get involve in the bible, and it arrive on time and I am really enjoying the messages.

  76. 1

    kj 60 cd bible

    By John W Millsaps

    Great item, purchased for a friend, a 93 year old lady.

  77. 1

    King James Bible on 60 CD by Alexander Scourby

    By William A. Riley III

    Great learning, inspiring and encouragement tool to keep the desire of Bible reading and personal study and family devotions! Highly recommend!

  78. 1

    Alexander Scourby KJV Audio Bible

    By Walter James Taylor

    Alexander Scourby's KJV Audio Bible provides countless hours of nourishing, soothing, energizing and uplifting listing to the eternal Word of God.

  79. 1

    A wonderful product

    By Edgar Foster

    I have a busy schedule and a long commute and thought this would be a great way to get in some Bible time. I was right. Alexander Scourby has a superb reading voice and puts life and character into each person throughout. It makes you feel you are there, right with them.

  80. 1

    Things you don't know

    By Donald R Glover

    I have enjoyed the audio Bible, and have learned things that I was never aware of, I love listining to it on my way to and from work as my drive is around 2 hours. I would suggest this to anyone that has little time to sit down and read the Bible, wow a great way to learn more of God's word

  81. 1

    King's review

    By AD KING

    I have truly enjoyed my Bible CDs. Great narrative; soothing voice, easy to follow along and to accurately select desired book and chapter, excellent listening and learning tool while on the go - while driving to and from work, doing housework, preparing dinner or reviewing Sunday school lesson. A must have for all avid learners of the Bible.

  82. 1

    i love them

    By janet newbill

    i love my bible cds! everyone should have them. i listen to them in the car on my way to work and back. i listen to them in the house. they help me to keep my mind on heavenly things instead of all the bad things going on in the world. i have the cassettes to but i gave them to a friend of mine.

  83. 1

    listening to the word

    By william l. bonoan


  84. 1

    Excellent Audio Bible

    By Anthony Moniz

    Alex Scourby's narration is so perfect for the King James Bible. The CD's are organized in a very nice practical case. After having this for a short time, I ended up giving it to a friend who I shared the gospel with, and couldn't read english. He loves it.

  85. 1

    This is excellent

    By james E Davis

    This helps me because I don't need glasses to read I am able to hear the entire bible.

  86. 1

    My Bible on cd

    By John Dukes

    I had a bilbe cassette for years and loved it, I finely found it on cd and love it even more. My grandson was called into the menistry so I gave The Bible on cd for graduation, he going to college this fall.

  87. 1

    The word of God is great!

    By Amanda Cardwell

    My husband and I have both found a stronger relationship, with our Lord by hearing the word of God. Not only was it narrated by a man with a brilliant voice. We received it in a very timely manner as promised when we purchased it. The case is excellent for the safe keeping of the discs. We are happy!

  88. 1

    First audio Bible we've bought..... a GREAT choice!!!

    By Shanda Leko

    We bought this audio Bible for my Mom who has a hard time reading at night after a long days work, her eyes are tired. Now she is able to sit and relax and listen to God's Word, or listen while cleaning/cooking/ or driving!!! She is very pleased with it and so are we! He has a great reading voice!!

  89. 1

    A. Scourby audio review

    By Kelly Myers

    I have always liked Mr. Scourby's audio Scriptures and now a friend I bought and sent them to also loves it. This is the only audio version of KJV I would consider!

  90. 1

    GLAD FOR THIS RECORDED BIBLE by Alexander Scourby!

    By Carolyn Springer

    GLAD FOR THIS RECORDED BIBLE by Alexander Scourby!

  91. 1

    Great! The Bible on CD

    By Donna R. Reed

    I made this purchase because my eyes are getting worse. I wanted to hear God's word. Scourby reads clearly, enunciates well, and reads with no mumbled sounds. I am thrilled with my new CD Bible. I can easily find the chapter from which I am studying. I thank you for a great study tool.

  92. 1

    Well worth the money and more!!

    By Janet Heddings

    I first heard a tape of the book of Hebrews back in the 70's read by Alexander Scourby, since I only had the one I listened to it over and over and it was such a blessing that I later had to get the whole bible. I highly recommend this, you will be blessed.

  93. 1

    KJV Bible on CD

    By Mildred M. Brooks

    Even though I did not chose the dramatized version, the reader puts emphasis, feeling and realism that enhances your listening experience. I am enjoying every moment, I can take it when I go on trips to listen at my leisure. Peace & Blessings

  94. 1

    God''s word

    By Michael R. Alston

    Sometime we do not make time or take the time to set down and read the word of God, the King James Bible on 60 CD BY Alexander Scourby is a great way to take in God word by listing to the CD. I am received great comfort in my drive to work and also in my study time. Thanks

  95. 1

    King James Bible on 60 CD

    By Lee Roberts

    I am well pleased with this product. The audio is clear and Alexander Scourby's voice is perfect for this type of recording. Listening to him read the King James version is poetry to my ears. I highly recommend the purchase of this product.

  96. 1

    King James Bible on 60 CD by Andrew Scourby

    By Hazel Kincaid-Smith

    A fantastic product in a zipped up case. One never gets tired of listening to it in this way and you can repeat it and it's like listening to it for the first time, as there is so much in the Bible. Thank you very much for making these products, a wonderful gift for any person interested. God bless

  97. 1

    Mr. Kramer

    By James Kramer

    Great product for the price. Audio is a little week but, still a good buy. CD case is very nice. Would have been 5 stars if the audio was better. I have to turn volume way up to hear it while driving.

  98. 1

    King James Bible on 60 CD by Alexander Scourby

    By Hazel Barkman

    this is the 3rd audio Bible I have purchased and every time I pick this one. Alexander Scourby has a clear, easy to understand reading voice & we like the King James version. I have bought it for older people who have vision problems and they really enjoy this one.

  99. 1

    I love it!!!!!!

    By Karima S hyman

    This is all I listen to while driving. If you contantly listen to The Word it renews your mind so that you belief Truth! This is the truth. This is all you need for a successful life! I am very happy with my investment.

  100. 1

    A Pleasure to Use

    By Patricia A. Burns

    This set is awesome and so enjoyable to listen to. Alexander Scourby's voice is strong and charismatic, unlike some readers who are monotone and slow. I love listening to the Bible verses before bedtime as it is so relaxing and memorable. You will not be disappointed.

  101. 1

    King James Bible on 60 CD by Alexander Scourby


    The only way to study the bible...we just love it...

  102. 1

    King James Bible on CD

    By Joe Schumer

    My wife and I really enjoy reading along with the CD. For some reason the reading along with the listening helps me to comprehend the word of God in a way I never got by just reading. My wife listens as she works around the house and she loves it.

  103. 1

    A Gift

    By Christina Passantino

    I purchased the King James Audio Bible as a gift to my husband, whom is a OTR truck driver

  104. 1

    Restoring my Soul

    By Pat Tomlinson

    I had to get this because right now my soul needs restoring and, honestly, I am not focused enough to read. It's like water on dry ground, like being led by still waters and in green pastures, restoring my soul.

  105. 1

    Thank you audio bible

    By Frederick L. Murphy

    This is what my mother wanted,so I surprise her with it on her Birthday and she loves it,she read along with the narrator.for the old and new test this is great.ordering made easy shipping was quick it made it a day before her big day.........thank you audio bible

  106. 1

    The Best!

    By Carl G. Schmader

    Alexander Scourby is, indeed, the best.

  107. 1


    By Jennifer Schultz

    Birthday gift for my father and he absolutely loves the CDs. It took a little longer to arrive than I thought but there was a backorder. Well worth the wait! Very, very pleased. Thank you!!

  108. 1

    very good product for the price

    By bret l aker

    i feel i got a very good price for this ,king james version of the bible.alexander scourby is the best.62 compact disks,you wont find a better price anywhere else.

  109. 1

    Audio Bible

    By Andrea Robinson

    I bought this item for my Aunt in New York who doesn't see well enough to read anymore and she is thoroughly enjoying it.

  110. 1

    King James Bible - Alexander Scourby


    This is an excellent narration of the King James version of the bible. Alexander Scourby has a powerful voice. His diction, his pronunciation is near perfect. It is highly commendable.

  111. 1

    King James Audio Bible

    By Suzzanne Miller

    The gift was for my 84 year old mother that is partially blind. She has enjoyed the audio bible since it is very difficult for her to read. The voice is clear and is easy to understand. She has used it almost every day since she recieved it.

  112. 1

    Easy-listen audio Bible

    By Trevor Connell

    I particularly like this product because having read the Bible through at least 30 times, I can listen to the narrative and visualize the events. Listening actually goes faster than reading. I highly recommend this product. Incidentally, I prefer the KJV. The price is right, the portability cool.

  113. 1

    Great product

    By Vicky Denholm

    I have listened to them again and again. They are really nice to listen to as I go to sleep.

  114. 1

    It is worth the price.

    By Karl Shoen

    have found this collection such a blessing, I work so much I don't have time to sit down and read the bible on a regular basis, but I'm still learning the scriptures listening to these cds on the way to and from work.

  115. 1

    King James Audio Bible Review

    By Kattie Rush

    purchased this item for a Christmas gift in December for my husband he is enjoying it. It is great he can take it with him where ever he goes.

  116. 1

    We are pleased with this purchase

    By Dawnn Alston

    If you are seeking a bible on cd then look no further. Great price and easy ordering.

  117. 1

    My husband loves it.

    By Marcia Roberts

    got the KJV Bible on CD, by Alexander Scourby, as a Christmas gift for my husband. He absolutely loves it. He drives a truck and loves to listen as he drives. It was the best gift I could have given him. And ordering was so easy, I ordered on line, shipped the same day.

  118. 1

    Really love the Audio Bible

    By Mfon Essien

    I really love this Audio Bible. I spend a lot of time in my car driving to or from work. The Audio bible has become my greatest companion in the car. There couldn't be an easier and more convenient way to listen to the word of God on a daily basis. My kids love to listen too when they are in the car

  119. 1

    I love the KJV audio by Alexander Scourby!

    By Karen R Ross

    This is a great way to hear the Bible.

  120. 1

    KJV Bible on CD by Alexander Scourby

    By Bertha Fegaro

    I bought this audio Bible for my husband's 77th birthday so that he could listen as he drives to and from his part-time job..he loves it! I hope to order the Bible on MP3 soon. Will be nice for listening while we walk, work or anytime. Thank you for making this available!

  121. 1

    The Bible

    By Corwin Morton


  122. 1

    King James Bible on 60 CD by Alexander Scourby

    By Kurt Strong

    I purchased it for my mom for a Christmas present and she loves it

  123. 1

    love this collection!!!

    By Rebeka R Mehmet

    I love having the Bible to listen to when I am in the car. My husband has the cassettes of the Bible but I needed the CDs. I love the fact that each track on the cd is a chapter of the the book you are listening to. It's so easy to find what I am looking for. Love also that it is KJV. Thanks

  124. 1

    Bible Rreveiw


    I have enjoyed these bible cd's very much, I listen to the cd's at night when I go to bed, thank you for this chance to hear the word of god, It Is great for thoes who having trouble holding the bible because of atritis in their hands , i know it helps me have a blessed day

  125. 1


    By james de larre

    very moving . and very detailed. easy to listne to.

  126. 1

    Wonderful bible study!

    By laura simms

    I am very much enjoying my bible Cd's. The case and cd's are very high quality. The voice of the narrator is great also, excellent purchase! Thank you for making this series affordable!

  127. 1

    What a Blessing

    By Judy Webb

    This is a very good item...I can not read to well so this come in very handy for me...The people i bought it off of were very helpful...Thank you All for being very nice...I would recommend this bible on CD for everyone...Thank you and God Bless...

  128. 1

    Audio Bible

    By rita

    We enjoy listening to the audio bible while traveling in the car. The readers voice is pleasant to listen to and it is a great way to start the day!

  129. 1


    By Gregory Thiesing


  130. 1

    Answer to prayer

    By Dorris Ann Rendleman

    For those with vision or reading problems, these CD's are a God-send. The easy-listen, expressive narration allows me to continue with routine chores while I am listening. I can listen to entire books of the Bible in the same length of time it previously took to read a chapter or two.

  131. 1

    KJ audio Bible

    By Barba L Hand

    Love this audio bible. Can take it with you anywhere.

  132. 1

    Personal use - Ms Appling


    I love being able to listen to the word. I even fall asleep listening to the audio bible at bed time.

  133. 1

    King James Version Alex Scourby on CD

    By David L Rohrbaugh

    Very Good Way to Hear the Bible. God looked after this shipment. USPS delivered it to the wrong address two times before I went to PO and picked it up.

  134. 1

    A Blessing

    By Johnathan Smith

    I enjoy this Bible because there are some words I cant pronounce. And people who cant read could enjoy getting to know Jesus. And pray people would take the chance to order this. At times I have it on and those words are nice as a bedtime story, the good dreams you will share.

  135. 1

    King James Bible, by Alexander Scourby

    By Richard Gontarz

    Wonderful, this was exactly what I was looking for.

  136. 1

    wat I had been looking for

    By Frances Jones

    I had purchased bible tapes and CDs and every one is a dissappointment -they are either teamed up with distracting music or the reader is too fast to really be interesting. Alexander Scourby is a wonderful reader and no music in the background. I would highly recommend this to anyone .

  137. 1

    Great for some one who doesn't have time to read

    By Marilyn S Garrett

    The Audio Bible is great.I listen to it on my headset while washing dishes,and preparing meals.Also, it is great for listening to while on the road.If you miss any of the scripture just reverse the chapter and play again.I have found it to be a new alternative to acutally stumbling over words.

  138. 1

    Excellent way to listen to the Word

    By Bernadette Hodgkins

    These CD's are absolutely wonderful. The reading by Alexander Scourby is clear, smooth and very relaxing to listen to. What a fantastic way to get into the Word of God on a daily basis at home or in your car. Very high quality product at a very reasonable price.

  139. 1

    No OTHER Audio Bible Can Trump Scourby's Rendition

    By Cheryl Jack

    I've listen to just about every sample voice on several audio bible sites before buying this one. Alexander Scourby's talent, derived from DECADES of voice work, really shows up mightily in this work. He brings the bible to life. I just love it!

  140. 1

    Reveiw of King James Version Audio Bible Narrated by Alexander Scourby

    By Kevin Baxter

    Mr. Scourby Does an EXCELENT job narrating this version of the Bible!! I am considering buying a different versoin of the Bible because I almost need a more understandable version. My own fault of course! I have been told the King James Version was a little hard to understand.

  141. 1

    best purchase i ever made

    By andrew wright

    when i thought about getting the bible on cd i wanted good quality and that is what i got. i have the bible on cassette tape but it is nothing like having it on cd alexander scourby have the voice for this clear, take his time to get the point to your heart. again thanke for making it available.

  142. 1

    Pros and Cons of audio Bible

    By Jill A. King

    It is very difficult to find a particular passage, however, I love how;the narrator talks and brings the Bible alive.I;m not real sure all the actual books are present. Being blind, its wonderful to hear Gods word

  143. 1

    Bible CD''s

    By Paula Akin

    We were very pleased with the Cd's of the bible that we bought.

  144. 1

    Bible CD''s

    By Paula Akin

    We were very pleased with the Cd's of the bible that we bought.

  145. 1


    By Cindy Mackie

    This is narrated very well. Narrator makes it enjoyable...not monotone...but with expression...Great for busy people that just can't sit and read.

  146. 1


    By Toby L Jenkins

    Simply put, I have already blessed someone else with this set of cd's. I have to purchase another, and come to think of it, that's what happened to the first set I bought.

  147. 1

    Review of KJV on CD

    By Robert L Reynolds

    Mr. Scourby is a great narrator. What I liked most about this CD package is that I get to hear God's word as I drive to work or on long trips. I'm learned enough in bible study to know when I hear a new nugget of truth. Don't be afraid to order this package.

  148. 1

    KJV Audio on CD

    By Carol Bridges

    The voice is easy to listen to. He also emphasis with his voice which accents the parable meaning God's word intends for us to accept, understand and be touched with emotion which expands our wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Holy Spirit & the ability to apply His word to our life today.

  149. 1

    king James Bible on 60 CD

    By Homer R. Tobey

    I enjoy hearing the bible read with authority. It is easy to find the scripture that I want to hear. If I want to hear it again it is easy to go back for a repeat.

  150. 1

    King James Bible CD

    By Michelle Sargent

    I was very satisfied with my purchase. I am able to put in a CD and follow along in my study bible. I would recommend the set to anyone looking to listen and learn the word of God. Would like to order a New Living Translation bible. I was told it is easier to listen to.

  151. 1


    By andrew wright

    I would like to Jesus who is the head of my life I have throat cancer and it is hard to talk sometime . Just to be able to sit and listen to the bible being narrated is wonderful You all are doing a wonderful job and I have told a lot of people about your bibles, again it is a blessing. Again thanks

  152. 1

    So far so good

    By Justin Jones

    I haven't finished yet, however, I am 100% satisfied with my purchase.

  153. 1

    King James Bible on CD by Alexander Scourby

    By Louise W. Jordan

    This is one of the most inspiring recordings I have had the priviledge to listen to. I have other recordings, but there is no comparison.. The pronunciation, expression, just the genuine feeling in Mr. Scourby's voice is just a blessing. Thank you and God Bless.

  154. 1

    Life or death.......we choose!

    By Bernadette J. Mowatt

    I have been purchasing for a long time now.

  155. 1

    The Holy Bible on Compact Disc

    By Venlon D Bradford

    This is a very, very good product. It is easy t use and convenient. I would recommend this to all.

  156. 1

    Audio Bibles

    By Joanne E Rakotz

    I love Alexander Scourby voice. Due to my eye sight the Audio Bible has been a God send. I love listening when I go to bed. Mellows me out so I can sleep. I fully recommend it.

  157. 1


    By Chester E. Brown


  158. 1

    I love my audio Bible

    By Hazel Arnold


  159. 1

    The Bible Can Raise Your Child's I.Q.

    By Christy A. Jordan

    When my son was in the 7th grade, he was two years behind in his reading level and had testable deficits that qualified him for the Learning Disabilities Program at his school. Instead of placing him in the program, we started listening to Alexander Scourby read the King James Version. We progressed from Genesis through Revelation. When he was re-evaluated, his testable I.Q. score was up 13 points; he understood words on the 12 grade reading level and qualified for the Gifted Program. His grades went from D/F to A/B (mostly). Today, he is a business man and reaps the benefits he received from God’s Word. You just can’t solve the problems in life without God’s Word. Alexander Scourby reading the King James Version made this possible for us by allowing us to get to the content without struggling with the pronunciations.

  160. 1

    Beautiful Initiative


    The decision to purchase this bible has completely transformed my trips to work and back home into peaceful pleasure rides !!!

  161. 1

    Faith cometh by hearing

    By Gregory A. Belodeay

    Mr. Scourby has an excellent speaking voice, making it possible to hear things in the Bible that I had noticed when I had read the same passage. This is a great product for anyone who loves the word of GOD.

  162. 1


    By William H. Riess

    The KJV Bible on CD, read by Alexander Scourby is the best I've heard. The CD recording quiality is excellent, easy listening and easy to follow. It is a great tool for use in Bible study and lesson preparation

  163. 1

    I Love it

    By Marioara Morar

    well read, the tone and sound by Alexander Scourby is easy and pleasant to hear, i would recommend this to friends.

  164. 1

    The Good Book On Disks.

    By Marvin L. Jackson

    This is the best audio bible that I ever heard. It is highly recommended to buy. It is very inspiring to listen to.

  165. 1

    KJV Bible audio CD

    By Bernard Wright

    These CD's are just wonderful. We have had the tapes, but these are special. They are a great blessing to us.

  166. 1


    By Ann Faulkner

    We love hearing the word as we read our Bible.

  167. 1

    Very Happy

    By Larry Rempel

    Excellent quality.Thank you.

  168. 1

    My audio christmas present

    By Bobby D. Hart

    My purchase of the Bible CD's and DVD were for my mother at Christmas. I knew she listened to her old scratched set every night. She was real glad to get the new CD set. However, I think the DVD in her new player is becoming her favorite, she can listen and read along. Thanks for a great gift!

  169. 1


    By John W. Dukes

    I have looked this for years I am so glad that I found it.

  170. 1

    Why did I wait so long?!

    By Michael T. Pace

    I am 100% satisfied with this purchase. I spend a lot of time traveling, and now I'm able to listen to the Word of God as drive. I also have a disc playing most of the time while I'm home. I highly encourage everyone to try one of these audio products. You won't be disappointed.

  171. 1

    Very pleased with product

    By Sandra Lembke

    It was a gift for my son and he was very pleased.

  172. 1

    Audio Bible

    By Richard E Goodwin

    Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Reading is a great way to learn and hearing adds so much to it. Also hearing the names of people and places read help us to know how to pronounce them.

  173. 1

    King James Bilble by Alexander Scourby

    By James Heikkinen

    What can I say? He's reading the verbaitim text, and it is God's Word. Mr Scouby's speaking ability enhances your understanding. The CDs are arranged and labeled intelligently. I am totally pleased, because even opaque parts of the Old Testament seem more understandable, when you hear them.

  174. 1

    King James Bible on CD by Alexander Scourby

    By Sharon Owens

    I love the bible being on CD's and more importantly it is done by Alexander Scourby who is able to pronounce all the names in the bible clearly and correctly. Because I follow along with him as he reads I am learning the true pronunciation of the names. This was a smart purchase.

  175. 1

    Extremely Helpful

    By Maryjon Alexander

    I'm sensitive to some voices, but Mr. Scourby's voice makes listening a pleasant experience. As for the content...I expect to learn from it, if nothing more than the correct pronunciation of names and places. The quality as been good except for one track on one disc. Thank you, Maryjon

  176. 1

    Totally Satified

    By Mary C. Taylor

    I thought of ordering an audio bible for my sister for a Christmas gift. After viewing it on line, I bought one for myself and was totally satisfied and immediately started listening to the CD's in the car. When I sent my sister her bible, she was estatic and really liked her bible. Thank you.

  177. 1

    king james by alexander scourby

    By donna

    I have been searching the web for days looking for a web site that actually has this wonderful bible.Ive just made an order, very excited,cant wait to have it , EXCELLENT REVIEWS. It is supposed to be a present, maybe i should have bought two!

  178. 1

    try it you will like it

    By Merrill Johnson

    fantastic addition to my library

  179. 1

    very comforting

    By Martha Moreland

    I was very sick for several months and was unable to read. I had started reading the Bible every day and was not able to read. I ordered the Bible on CDs by A.Scourby. I listened to the New Testament in about three weeks. It was very comforting to listen to the word of God while I was so sick.

  180. 1

    My last and best gift to my mom

    By Stephen Gentles

    I bought this Bible in 2003 after my late mom's sight started deteriorating and she could no longer read a printed copy of the Bible. She enjoyed every moment listening to Alexander Scourby read the bible. And it also helped our bible discussions tremendously! It was my last and best gift to my mom!

  181. 1

    King James Bible on 60 cd by -alexander scourby

    By Miriam Naber

    This cd version of the King James version read by Alexander Scourby is able to keep my attention while I ride to and from work,his voice is clear and concise as well as powerful.I am happy with the nice zippered carrying case that keeps the numbered cds clean and protected.I would rate this a 10!

  182. 1

    A Satisfied Customer

    By Stephen Peirson

    My experience with all Scourby purchases: Total Satisfaction! The complete CD set has been my preferred gift to older friends, unable to read. We are satisfied daily users. Will soon order my 1st Audio Bible Player. Convinced in advance of further satisfaction!

  183. 1

    King James Bible on 60 Cd by Alexander Scourby.

    By Hazel Barkman

    I was very pleased with the help I received when making this purchase. We are very happy with this audio Bible. The reading is clear & distinct. My mother has vision problems which is why we purchased an audio Bible. She is very satisfied. Thank you.

  184. 1

    King James Bible by Alexander Scourby

    By Brenda J Wood

    Like this item. It is read clearly and distincly.

  185. 1

    King James audiobible

    By Karen Shoemaker

    Great great great! Exactly what I was looking for!

  186. 1

    Reviews count

    By James E. Carter

    Because of the large grouping of Audio Bibles I began reading what others said. Thinking that the music would be nice initially I saw that many thought it took away. I chose the pure reading by Alexander Scourby and could not be more pleased. His reading of the Bible is exceptional.

  187. 1

    great gift

    By Carolyn Robinson

    This was a gift for my daughter, who listened to it as she drove back and forth from work and on trips. She loved it. She chose the King James version for its poetic beauty. I couldn't have given her a better gift.

  188. 1

    Blessed and simple

    By Mark S Humphries

    It was nice to find a pure 'reading' of the Bible without background music or opinion. Just a pleasent pure 'Word of God'. I sincerely recommend this product.

  189. 1


    By Charles Kohley

    this is a great product. Easy to listen to and great quantily.

  190. 1

    Expanded knowledge

    By Marlene Booth

    I find that having the King James Version most enjoyable. I plug it in my ears at night and it puts me to sleep. I hear things in the word that I have missed when reading. Scourby's voice is comforting to listen to The bible is great.

  191. 1

    The Whole Word

    By Gary L. Taylor

    To have the bible cd's available as you drive to work or just around town is the best way to keep a seed in your heart. It also renews a closer walk when we feel alone.

  192. 1

    By Grace

    By Cedric Flocker

    Good sound,excellent diction,read with meaning and feeling. Brings the scriptures to life; giving the feeling that you are actually right there as the story is being told. The appropriate pause at the end of each chapter allows participants to review and discuss it and if needed replay

  193. 1

    KJV Bilble on 62 CD

    By Brian Nenadov

    The narrator has a very nice voice and the accent goes well since after all it is the Bible. The pauses are good, although he speaks a bit fast. Would definitely recommend it as we have one already.

  194. 1

    Hearing as I read

    By Rhonda

    I enjoy listening as I read the Bible. It helps me to have a better recall of what I have read. It also helps me to have a better understanding as I listen.

  195. 1

    Holy Bible Experience

    By Joyce P. January

    I've experienced great joy listening to the Bible on CD. My thanks to you for the opportunity to be able to mediate on words of God. The narrator, Alexander Scourby does an excellent job,he has helped me to stay focused. He has also helped with the pronunciation of names. Thanks,job well done. Blessings

  196. 1

    god is good

    By d'hums emile

    buying bible on cd was the best thing i ever did in my life. thank you audio bible

  197. 1

    the good book

    By billy williams

    i am a over the road truck driver i just enjoy hearing the word while i drive down the highway. this is the best thing out.

  198. 1

    Totally pleased.

    By Grady Sanders

    Evening, I purchaesd the King James Bible on 62 CD by Alexander Scourby. I am absoulutely and totally pleased with this procuct. I listen to the CDs during my trip to and from work and whenever I am in my vehicle. I nolonger listen to my radio.

  199. 1

    Help Blessing

    By Mildred A. Maxwell-Jones

    I am not big on reading. I do enjoy being read to. I love the words and accounts of the bible history of the past and future. The help blessing for me is I can hear the word read and I can meditate on it as if I was totally a part or if I were there taking part in the accounts of history. Thanks.

  200. 1


    By Marcus Fox

    One of the best investmnt I ever made. i will never regret purchasing them. they are very helpful for me who is always on the go. i can listen to them in my car or on my computer.

  201. 1


    By Evelyn Akers

    Have purchased three of these. One for myself and two as gifts. It is wonderful. Listen to it constantly, even in my car. Love it.

  202. 1

    Jim West

    By James E West

    Very good set

  203. 1

    The Bible on CD

    By Thomas Gillespie

    It is great for traveling. It is great for study. It is great for learning how to pronounce the proper words. I really love my Bible on CD.

  204. 1

    Total Satisfaction

    By Lennox Wiggins

    I am very please with your customer service,the time lapse for delivery. Now that I'm back home in Barbados I will like some information on shipping cost before I refer your establishment to my friends.Do you supply Melodies of Praise Song Books?

  205. 1

    the holy bible

    By Tommy J Dockery

    this is real great to listen to, it has really helped me to read the bible , i would tell anyone who wants to read better to listen to these CDs

  206. 1

    Audio Bible

    By Michael F. Dean

    Listening to Alexander Scourby read the Bible gives each verse and chapter a whole new meaning. It is one thing to read the Bible yourself, but to listen to his interpretation really makes the Bible come alive.

  207. 1

    Know The Book

    By Sherry W. Beaumont

    After listening to the Bible on CD narrated by Alexander Scourby, I now know and understand more information about the Bible than I once did after all the years of attending Bible study classes, Sunday School and church services.I would recommend it to everyone, whether or not of Christian belief.

  208. 1

    Kink James Bible on 60 cd by Alexander Scourby

    By Mary Voelakle

    The cd,s you can take with you any where and study from the in a very busy world. They are good for anyone that wants to enjoy the Bible and my find it hard to set down and read.

  209. 1

    Happy to be Stuck with you

    By Marcia Spafford

    I am happy to have the bible available to listen to in the car while I rest

  210. 1

    Victiory over all

    By Edward V. Griffin

    It is a wonderful part of lives to have the living word with so much splender read in our hearing to get encouragement and love from the word of our God!

  211. 1

    Audio Bible on CD

    By Mary Evelyn Anderson

    I'm very pleaded with my Bible on CD. His voice is very plasent to listen to words are plain to understand. I enjoying iisten to the Bible being read while in bed. Sometime while traveling.Again I'm very pleased will recoment this to other.

  212. 1

    KJV on CD

    By Kathleen Ropka

    I purchased your KJV on CD last year as a gift for a friend and when she opened it she cried tears of joy. Alexander Scourby is a wonderful narrator and having the Bible on CD is such a blessing. I only wish I would have purchased a set for myself.

  213. 1

    cd bible review

    By Allen Headrick

    I received a CD Bible with Alexander Scourby narrating as a gift. I listen to it while driving to and from work. I can't over emphasize what a rich blessing it has been to my relationship with God. That is why I buy them as gifts for others whenever I can. Audio Bible is a good vendor for them.

  214. 1


    By Linda Hurlburt

    I am so glad I invested in these audio bibles. As faith comes by hearing, it has been that extra 'boost' that I needed in my spirit! I recommend this to any and everyone. God Bless!

  215. 1

    King James Bible on 60CD by Alexander Scourby

    By Dohnna R Cervantes

    I love this tool. I listen to it everytime I am in my car. With today's busy schedule it is so easy to relax and listen to the word of God.

  216. 1

    Totally Awesome

    By Dwayne Henry

    I have been listening to Alexander Scourbey back to when it was on records. I get so much out of listening to someone read the bible instead of me trying to read it. He puts so much feeling into his readings that it is just awesome to listen to him. The cds make it so I can listen to it in my car.

  217. 1

    King James Version Alexander Scourby

    By Theo Pienaar

    Excellent and highly recommended. This was given to me as a birthday gift and truly I could not have received a better gift.

  218. 1


    By louis minera


  219. 1

    Satisfaction Guaranteed


    I am a very busy person, can't always get settled to sit and read. I find that CD's a life saver. I put them going in the car as I drive towards work or other obligations. Hearing the Word helps me keep my mind stayed on him. I highly recommend this product to anyone. Blessings.

  220. 1


    By Deborah Lariviere

    A great, cleanly-read rendition. No background noises, no dramatization, no distraction--just the Bible on CD, plain and simple.

  221. 1

    Wonderful Bible Learning Tool

    By AnnaLee

    I highly recomment this wonderful set of cds for listening learning and enjoyment. Alexander Scourbys voice is strong and clear. This is such a Blessing for our family.

  222. 1

    KJV CD's

    By Andy Whitten

    Obviously, the material is without equal. The presentation of that material, however, seems a bit forced in many audio presentations for sale these days. Scourby's reading of the Bible is strong, rightly inflected, and very easy to listen to and follow. Highly recommended!

  223. 1

    GREAT! Love it!

    By Rachael Liebregt

    Wonderful! I read my bible daily, yet I realize I am an audio learner. Since buying this, I've been blessed greatly. The KJV is truest to the original text & the reader is excellent!! I listen while driving & have already covered the 1st 12 books in the old testament in 1 month! Strongly recommend!!

  224. 1

    the best set


    this is the 2nd set that i have had the first was lost in a home fire, i use them too do me Sunday class with they are great

  225. 1

    Great product

    By James W. Davis

    The speaker is great. He talks clearly and his inflection is spot on. I like that he speeds up when repeating from prior passages. So far, almost through Exodus, I am committed to get throught the Bible this year and with this product I think I can make it with only two and a half months to go

  226. 1

    Knowing the purpose of God in my life

    By Cheryl Massey

    A big part of what I do is listen to a book read as I take the dogs for a walk. Also a big part of my life is to get to know God and his place in life - my life. Listening to this CD really has helped me to hear and understand the purpose of God in my life.

  227. 1

    Very useful

    By Garland Clemmons

    I am an OTR truck driver so reading the Bible is impossible while driving. The Holy Bible on CD has made it so easy to enjoy the teachings of the Bible seeing that I am not able to attend church. The narrators voice is clear and familiar, best money I every spent.

  228. 1

    A great voice from the past!

    By Carlos R. Sanabria

    Listening to Mr. Scourby, every morning, is like hearing a comforting voice from your childhood. He did many voice-overs for National Geographic Specials, and so he reminds me of a kind, caring, teacher, and he still teaches me, today, through the Word.

  229. 1

    Love it!!

    By Erin A Troyer

    I was so excited to find this! Seems to be the only one I could find that was ONLY Bible reading. Alexander Scourby is a wonderful narrator. It's perfect for listening to in the car to and from work, trips, etc. Highly recommended!!

  230. 1


    By Robert Bacon

    Listening to the audio Bible was of great consolation during a time of sorrow. I didn't have to strain my tired eyes reading, but was able to close them and find comfort.

  231. 1

    Audio Bible

    By Clifford W Dody

    Very good--tho we are just into Genesis.

  232. 1

    Bible on CD

    By Winifred L. Haynes

    The recording is clear, speech articulate. Overall very good. However some verses are cut in the middle at the start of a new CD

  233. 1

    Alexander Scourby's Holy Bible


    I now have three sets of Mr. Scourby's CD's and did have a set of his tapes. His phraseology and emotion when reading the passages make the scriptures come alive for me. And, when I return to the scriptures to read them, they have more meaning and light than before. I listen to them as I drive.

  234. 1

    Awesome Bible Reading

    By Janice Davis

    I love the bible CD's I purchased. I wanted the CD's of the bible because the word states that faith comes by hearing the word of God. Well I don't like to read out loud to myself, so this was the perfect solution for me. I have been blessed beyond measure to read along with Alexander Scourby.

  235. 1


    By Dr Beverly Friend


  236. 1

    The Grass Withereth And The Flower Fades, But the Word Of God ...

    By Kelly Revels

    Wonderful gift for anyone who desires to get closer to God. Most of the folks who don't like the KJV love this one. Great for trips, commutes and just working around the house or garage. No bad feedback; I have had this one for over 15 years.

  237. 1


    By Anna Jones

    I have so enjoyed my bible on cd.This has given much more of a chance to get the word in my life on a daily base. I so have truly enjoyed listening.So clearly read. I just wish I could afford to buy a set for all 6 of my children.

  238. 1

    Still the Best

    By David J Schutten

    All due respect to James Earl Jones and Stephen Johnston, the Alexander Scourby reading of the King James Bible was exactly what I was hoping for. No over-acting, no music, no sound effects, just the quiet power of the Word reverently read. (That classic English accent doesn't hurt, though.)

  239. 1

    Will buy 1 more set

    By Gerald L. Burton

    The Bible on CD are very good for a traveling man like me, I will buy a set for my home. Thank you, God Bless you all

  240. 1

    audio bible

    By Leon Terrell Ash

    It was very helpful for my spiritual walk, i listen while driving to work and also while in the shower. It helps me when i would prefer to read but can't so i listen instead.

  241. 1


    By nellie l. gronberg


  242. 1

    King James CD

    By Linda G. Mayo

    I am very happy with my purchase. It was a gift for my mother and she loves it. Thank you

  243. 1

    Could use a printed index

    By Stephen K. Spoerl

    A printed index would be helpful along with the CDs to make it easier to find passages and chapters I would like to review. I'm only finished with the first 7 CDs, but love listening to them as I drive. Thanks.

  244. 1

    kjv on cd

    By Ton van Vliet

    Love it ,the best purchase on cd we have ever done. bless you all

  245. 1

    Inspirational and educational

    By Debbie Winfrey

    I purchased this product because I can't seem to find the quiet time to read the Bible at home. I listen to the CDs on my way to work and on my way home. I find myself going home and reading my Bible to review what I heard that day. It's perfect for me.

  246. 1

    What could be better?

    By Van Owens

    Great job, great price, and fast delivery. What could be better? I know !!. It'll be better when we talk to our Lord face to face:), and we all will. I hope you will listen to the words of our Lord, and give your hert and hart to God. Though your sin be as scarlet they shall be white as snow.

  247. 1

    very well pleased

    By Allen G. Weeda

    Very clear voice that is narrating. No music to distract attention to the orrator

  248. 1

    Massive Doses of Scripture

    By Christy A Jordan

    Having CDs in my car allows me to listen to the Word of God while I travel from place to place. It certainly makes for a short trip and keeps my mind occupied with the

  249. 1

    Audio Holy Bible

    By frankie e vollano jr

    I bought this for my wife's bithday, and she just loves it. She listens to it everyday on her way to work and on her way home again. Just fulfilling with gods words and just makes her day perfect. A must for people on the go who just can't find the time to read the bible. Worth every cent. God bless

  250. 1

    A gift for my mother

    By Linda G. Mayo

    I am very happy with this product. My mother enjoys it very much. Thank you.

  251. 1

    BEST Bible CD

    By Payne

    I like this Bible CD very much, it's me listen to the Bible and what ever I like to read I can listen as well. I can lay in my bed and listen till I fall asleep and that grate to do. You all the Bible at your ear dums to listen to when ever you would like to do so.

  252. 1

    The Alexander Scourby readings


    The Alexander Scourby readings of the King James bible is read with hart mind and sole of the reader Alexander Scourby,ho displayed each corrector. I have wore out a half dozen sets of tapes ore more of his tapes,and am looking foreword to the next dozen.

  253. 1


    By Marian Calladine

    Owning a Bible on disc is the most marvellous item I have ever had. It is so wonderful to be able to listen to it during the night when I can't sleep and draw strength from the well-known words. God Bless all you clever people who put it together.

  254. 1


    By John Golladay


  255. 1

    soothing pains

    By Sarah Hunt

    I bought this set for an old brain injured patient in a group home, the man is like a father to me, I was in the same hospital as he was and that is how we met . This bible brought him closer to God as he wondered if God had abandoned him. It calmed his soul and soothed his pain. This was perfect !!!

  256. 1

    King James Bible with Alexander Scourby

    By Nancy E. Ardolino

    I bought this CD set for my mother and it was the best thing I ever did. The CD's were of excellent quality and Alexander Scourby's narration, tone and inflection was precise and easy to listen to. She was very pleased with this CD set.

  257. 1

    Heaven Sent!!!

    By Bernadette J. Mowatt

    The Bible is God's Word, is God! I have been blessed now for over 20 yrs reading and listening to His Word! The beauty of having His Word on CD is that you're able to have a CD in every player; in the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen, the vehicle, at work! Anywhere there is air! Play His Word!!!

  258. 1

    The Best Audio Bible

    By Catherine Luna

    This audio Bible is the best I have used. Alexander Scourby has a way of bringing the Bible alive and you don't want to stop listening. I have bought the Bible on CD & MP3. Now I can carry my bible every where I go.

  259. 1

    lessons from the lord

    By Tony Lewis

    This one by Alexander Scourby is easy to follow along. And clearly under stand that is why i like it.

  260. 1

    Review of KJV Audio Bible

    By Sandra Carr

    The best deal on audio bibles! I love the Scourby Edition as it helps me to feel as if I am in Bible times and reading along with the text I am able to better understand the message of the text. I would highly recommend this edition to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of the Bible!

  261. 1

    King James Bible on 60 CD by Alexander Scourby

    By Amber Powell

    The CD's were a wonderful gift for my fiance and mom. When you're driving, working, or just relaxing, the CD's make a great alternative to reading. I would recommend Alexander Scourby's voice above any other audio Bible speaker. He's very easy to listen to!

  262. 1



    Mom LOVES this reading of the Bible.

  263. 1

    King James Version on CD

    By Sheila Y. Altman

    I love it. It is wonderful to just listen to when doing other things or I follow along in the Bible. Recommended for anyone. Having the Bible read to you clearly and without hesitation to pronounce words certainly inhanses my understanding of it contense.

  264. 1


    By Nathan W Geck

    I bought this for my father at Christmas when I found out that he still has this series on cassette tape. I made the purchase a few days before Christmas and the set came through (when promised) better then I hoped for in a very nice leather case! Loved the product AND the service. I will be back!!

  265. 1

    Audio Bible

    By Kathryn M Dougherty

    I am very pleased with my Bible on cd. I am halfway through and besides appreciating the content, Alexander's voice is pleasant to listen to. I have recently purchased a leather back Bible and the wording is exact. I would highly recommend this series to all.

  266. 1


    By Lewis J Branin Jr

    I listen to the CDs on my 2 hour work commute each day. It gives the chance to read\hear scripture I would not otherwise have. The reading is nice to listen.

  267. 1

    King James Bible on 60 CD by Alexander Scourby

    By Dave Spence

    Anyone doing alot of travelling and wanting to make the best use of their time - Listen to the Word of God! Alexander Scourby makes the Bible come alive with the way he reads - extremely well done!

  268. 1


    By Paul Thiessen

    My recently blinded 93 year old father loves his new Scourby version of the audio Bible, and regularly sings its praises. Thanks for adding this wonderfully enriching audio experience to his life.

  269. 1

    A life full of meaning

    By Gilbert Gardiner of Riverside

    The Lord's word is a symphony in the ears of those who love Him. The subtle nuances in Alexander Scourby's voice, the clarity and colorfulness of his narration, render the Audio Bible one of my most cherished possessions. I can do no less than highly recommend this treasure of our time.

  270. 1

    A Wonderful Experience

    By Denise Elaine Howard

    This Bible on CD is fantastic. I am on the road extensively and I find that listening to this beautifully narrated work not only restores my soul, but the miles seem to fly by as well. This is one of the best purchases I have made in years. Thank you so much.

  271. 1

    King James Version CD's


    The cd's are very easy to use and they come in a very handy keeper carrier. They are great to listen to and follow along with my Bible.

  272. 1

    Love It


    This is the most convenient way to listen to your Bible study, Sunday School lessons, or just to the listen to the soothing Word while you are in your car, doing chores, or just meditating. At times when I sit down to study, my mind wanders to other things, these CD's help me to stay focused.

  273. 1



    The King james audio bible is among the top investments I have made in my life: I praise GOD for such a simple,yet profound message.

  274. 1

    Great source of comfort

    By Gloria L. McLeod

    I purchased the audio Bible for my sister who was terminally ill. Her eyesight started to fail and she still wanted to read the Word. The next best thing was listening to it. She enjoyed being able to hear the Word, day or night, and she did not have to bother anyone to read for her.

  275. 1

    King James Bible on 60 cd by Alexander Scourby

    By Eugene C. Hinton

    King James Bable on 60 CD'S are very good, it will benefit other customers.

  276. 1

    Great Help and Encouragement

    By Daniel Layaou

    Listening to God's Word as we travel in the car is a great help and encouragement to my Christian Life. Just an hour of listening each day on the way to and from work allows me to listen to all of God's Word repeatly through out the year. Thanks for a great work!

  277. 1

    Satisfied Customer

    By Krista H. Jones

    I am enjoying listening to the bible during my drive to and from work. This has been a wonderful way to have my devotions while I drive.

  278. 1

    Love my audio Bible.

    By Pearl Cornett

    I simply love the ease of listening to the Bible on CD. I pastor a church, and I can keep the Word going into my spirit as I travel day by day.I especially love having the chapters on tracks, so I can easily return to the place I stopped listening to. Thanks you so much. Pastor Cornett

  279. 1

    I have ordered numerous times


    I am very pleased with all of the products that I have ordered from Audio Bible.

  280. 1

    cds and cassettes

    By Dennis Dale Kindrick

    Have bought over 10 sets from them. I honestly found service, price, and quality, to be #1 and looking forward to do dealing with them again. Thank You so much for letting me share my honest opinion.

  281. 1

    Audio Bible

    By Dinkneh Woldegiorgis

    This's audio bible cd has the best quality to lisen and perfectly recorded to learn bible in an easy and fun way. I enjoyed it a lot.

  282. 1

    Blessing for commute time

    By Toni Naumovski

    I have had the Lord's Word on CD's narrated by Alexander Scourby for 2 years and I am regularly listening to it while driving. Every chapter holds one track on CD, so it is easy to navigate through the Bible. I am listening the entire set for the third time now and look forward to driving every day.

  283. 1

    I love it!

    By Savannah Glass

    I enjoy listening to the Bible on CD while driving to and from work.

  284. 1

    king james version on tape

    By michael ventura

    wonderful to use for witness to friends who are blind. Gave it to a blind man dying and he said it is a wonderful comfort now to hear the word of God.

  285. 1

    The best audio Bible

    By Douglas M. Roy

    I believe that Alexander Scourby has the best voice for the job and does an excellent job (have heard several others). I have ripped the entire collection to mp3 format and placed on my MP3 player. By doing this, most chapters are divided into separate tracks, unlike MP3 audio cds that you buy.

  286. 1

    King James Bible by Alexander Scourby

    By Alexander B Milne

    Scourby's voice is very well suited for this type of work. Very good job.

  287. 1

    King James Bible on CD by Alex. Scourby

    By Richard E. Brinnon

    This is a very good item, We at Truckers' Christian Chapel have given this to Drivers of OTR. For them to listen to while they drive...

  288. 1

    Gift Purchase

    By Roosevelt Simmons

    I gave the Audio Bible to my sister as a gift about a year ago. She enjoyed the gift very much and uses it mostly in her car during commutes.

  289. 1

    The Bible Comes Alive!

    By Samuel A Fitz-Henley

    The Alexander Scourby Audio Bible is a work of art. With a clear, resonant voice and full of expression, he makes the written word come alive - communicating, inviting, inspiring the hearer, and infusing one with a desire to feed on the Word far more than if one were reading it directly.

  290. 1

    The Best Audio Bible Period!

    By Stephen S J Plamondon

    Alexander Scourby is in my opinion the best voice you could put with the KJV of the Bible. The CD's are good quality, the sound is good but because it was recorded some time ago don't expect today's perfectness in the audio. You can encode them into iTunes and iPod so it covers both CD & portable.

  291. 1

    all ready recommended this product

    By Cheryl Reihart

    I really like the product.. I got it yesterday in the mail used it today and recommended it to son who is in hospital for the last 2 1/2 mos. and will be there 3 more weeks. Easy to use. Installed it on my I pod.

  292. 1

    Holy Bible on CD - KJV

    By Jon E. Guay

    I liked the product. There were more CD's than I expected, but the case is nice and functional.

  293. 1

    King James Bible on 60 CD by Alexander Scourby

    By Matt Du Pre'

    This has been tremendous thusfar. It arrived quickly and has been a real pleasure. Excellent and highly recommended.

  294. 1




  295. 1

    GREAT purchase

    By Donna Murphy

    Alexander Scourby has unique expression and manner. I listen to this all the time. I still read my bible but when I just want to kick back. This is so awesome. King James is the perfect version to be narrated by A.S. He does it beautifully. I understand it was his favorite to narrate.

  296. 1

    I love having my Bible on CD's

    By Merle J Miller

    I have my CD player next to my bed, and can listen to the Bible when I can't sleep or before I go to sleep or when I just wake up. When there was a problem with one of the discs, I got excellent service, as they replaced the faulty one very quickly. Excellent product,excellent service. Merle

  297. 1

    Review of King James Bible narrated by Scourby

    By Mark S. Vickers

    Only audio Bible I will ever bother listening to as the King James Bible is the only one I will ever read. God's Word for the English speaking people of the world.

  298. 1

    King James Bible by Alexander Scourby

    By Gregory S Campbell

    Can't go wrong with the KJV. Scourby is a fantastic, first rate orator. That said there are problems with the cd's themselves. A couple have tracks that are miss named. Listeners may also encounter difficulties playing certain cd's on a variety of players. Audio quality is also high.

  299. 1

    The Definitive Reading

    By John Tefertiller

    Of all the audio Bibles available, none matches the majestic rendering of Alexander Scourby.

  300. 1

    Wonderful.... or should I say ONEderful.....

    By Dolores I Wojcik

    Having this collection in my possession is wonderful. It is so soothing to close my eyes and listen, getting lost in the Word. This would make a great gift for any Bible lover. I'm already thinking about who I can buy a set for. And WHAT a deal -- 60 CD''s for $60 delivered!

  301. 1

    The best way to enjoy God's word

    By Otis Doughton

    My reason for using the CDs is, I Can understand the bible much better when I don't worry about how to pronounce some of those big words, when I struggle with those hard to pronounce words I forget what I was reading.

  302. 1

    KJ on CD

    By k thorson

    Good stuff, good reading, I like the KJ wording.....highly recommended........best thing since the printing press for getting a feel for what really went on back in those days. And, of course, you will find so many contrary positions that one can argue 1000+ interpretations......

  303. 1

    A good clear rendition of the AV

    By Marcus Lander

    The reading is clear and of a good quality. The thing I feel that lets this product down is that Mr Scourby uses rather unconventional pronounciations for many of the biblical names (maybe they are accepted in other parts of the world) but they don't coincide with the usages I am familiar with.

  304. 1

    Living with God's word day and night

    By Sarah C. Albert

    The Bible tells us that as we think so are we. My mind is working and thinking every minute of every day. I ordered the Audio Bible so that I could fill my mind with Gods word. I go to sleep every night listening them. I gave them to my children to hear while driving.

  305. 1

    King James Ver Narrated by A. Scourby - New & Old Testaments

    By Susan Barstock

    These cds have blessed my life and my testament is that I have also given several as gifts to my friends and loved ones because they are so wonderful and I was greatly compelled to share them. Alexander Scourby to me is like another apostle that was given the gift to relay these holy words.

  306. 1

    Bible on CD

    By Rena Coston

    This is an excellent product. I use it often. It is definitely worth it.

  307. 1

    Bible on CD easy to follow along in your own Bible

    By Gary Ruvo

    The man who reads the Bible on this CD has a very dynamic voice. When he reads stories become alive. He separates the characters through his voice tones and energy. And it makes it very easy to follow along and match words as he reads to my own Bible. Disc containing Ruth was stolen out of my car:)

• Word for word narration
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Complete King James Bible on 60 CDs
• Voice only narration by Alexander Scourby
• Black nylon zipper carrying case
• Length: 71 Hours and 14 Minutes of Bible Reading
• Each CD has each chapter indexed on its on track to easily find the chapter you want to listen to.
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Alexander Scourby
• Alexander Scourby was the first person to make a complete recording of the Bible in 1944.
• Alexander Scourby made voice recordings of over 500 different books, he considered the Bible to be his most important
• Alexander Scourby worked in both radio and television as both a narrator and actor
Translation Information:
• King James Version
• Number of Translators: 54
• The KJV is a word for word translation.
• The King James Version was originally published in 1611

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