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King James

The King James Bible is one of the most commonly used translations of the Holy Bible used throughout the entire world. This translation of the Word of God is considered by many English-speaking Christians to be divinely inspired. This version of the Bible was translated from the languages of Greek and Hebrew (Greek for the New Testament and Hebrew for the Old Testament) into English during the years 1605-1611. This 6 year long process was done by a commission of 47 scholars of the Church of England. This translation of the Bible was ordered by King James VI and I, who was King James VI in Scotland, but in England and Ireland he was King James I. Since it was first published in 1611 the King James Version of the Bible has become the most printed book in history.

This version of the Holy Bible is known for its accuracy and wide acceptance. Many Christian churches accept the King James Version of the Bible as their official Bible. The King James Bible is translated into common language that is easy for most people to understand. As you study the KJV Bible you will grow closer to God. As you gain the habit of consistently reading from the Bible you will have a better relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Listening to the Bible as an audio Bible is a great way for you to really understand the main messages of the Holy Bible. Any one of our audio Bibles of this translation will easily help you to learn.



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