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• King James Version Bible
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Voice only narration by Alexander Scourby
• Length: 71 Hours and 34 Minutes of Bible Reading
• Interactive Menus provide direct access to every book and chapter
• Listen and read the Bible at the same time, Synchronized audio and text showing every verse
• FREE Bonus disc includes Ultimate Bible Question and Answer Game, Holy Land picture tour and a Through the Bible in a year Weekly Reading Guide
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Alexander Scourby
• Alexander Scourby was the first person to make a complete recording of the Bible in 1944.
• Alexander Scourby made voice recordings of over 500 different books, he considered the Bible to be his most important
• Alexander Scourby worked in both radio and television as both a narrator and actor
Translation Information:
• King James Version
• Number of Translators: 54
• The KJV is a word for word translation.
• The King James Version was originally published in 1611.


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  1. 1

    Cia's Bible


    It's the Bible!!!, what not to like

  2. 1

    Love it love it love it

    By Wilma Thomason

    Great for gifts too.

  3. 1

    KJV Bible on DVD narrated by Alexander Scourby Deluxe Edition.

    By Anderson Asabere

    Excellent audio scriptures by the KJV Bible on DVD narrated by Alexander Scourby Deluxe Edition. It helps me greatly to learn about the lovely scriptures of the Almighty God, and the pronunciations is wonderful.

  4. 1

    good but dated

    By H Morris

    Audio quality acceptable but the graphics dated could do with updating. Navigation could also do with re-hash. Overall it is a usable product providing bible access to the visually impaired.

  5. 1

    Auto Bible Rating

    By Brenda L. Arrowood

    It is very plain and we like it without music in the back ground which is very annoying at times. The thing we do not like is that it has to be re-started every time we read it almost. It doesn't stay where we end it and is very time consuming having to go from Genesis to where-ever we left off.

  6. 1

    KJV Video bible

    By George D. Stone

    Very nice, easy to listen to and read along with, makes it easy to read the bible in a year, I would recomend it to anyone interested in studying the bible.

  7. 1

    louisville ky

    By James Knox

    I love the alexander SCOURBY bible on DVD because I can just sit there listen and see everything it like a live movie it make you feel like you are there where they are I think everyone should have one thank you GOD BLESS

  8. 1

    KJV Audio DVD Bible

    By Barba L Hand

    This is the third KJV Audio DVD Bible I have bought. I think this is one of the best there is. I purchased one for my daughter and one for my granddaughter and of course one for me. One major reason I like this one is it has the Bible Game on it. It is fun game.

  9. 1

    DVD of the Bible

    By Anita Reynolds

    I like the DVD Bible I use it on my computer because I go right to the book & chapter I want.

  10. 1


    By Jessica P Goswick

    Wonderful product! I you have a problem reading this is the ticket to knowing God's Word.

  11. 1

    KJV Video Bible

    By Violet LeForce

    Have enjoyed the KJV Video Bible very much. Am thinking about getting some for Christmas presents. Alexander Scourby's voice is the best I have heard.

  12. 1

    KJV Bible on DVD narrated by Alexander Scourby

    By Lynn Bergstrom

    Excellent way to read and study the bible. The bonus disc and bible quiz really engage you and enhance your learning and reading skills.

  13. 1

    Great narration

    By John P Gray

    I think that about says it all greatest material in the world by Scourby.

  14. 1

    KJV Bible on DVD by Alexander Scourby

    By mary elizabeth jarvis

    I love this DVD narrated by Alexander Scourby. We listen to the KJV on most days except when we have lots of company. I have finished the New Testament and am back in the Old Testament again. I like that you can stop and start where you left off. I have the NIV Bible and would like an NIV DVD.

  15. 1

    Audio bible

    By Delesa Johnson

    I ordered this bible for my grandmother who have trouble seeing, reading and comprehending. Before i brought her this bible she hadn't read her bible in years, and now she listens to the bible daily. So this audio bible was the best investment i ever purchased as a gift.

  16. 1

    A blessing to christians everywhere.

    By Wayne E. Parks

    The clarity of this DVD is amazing. Hearing and being able to read the words of GOD'S teachings at the same time, is a blessing for all of us who LOVE OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Purchasing this DVD is the best purchase that I have EVER made. Following HIS teaching will enrich your life.

  17. 1

    Very Pleased :-)

    By Spurgil L. Jones

    I first bought a KJV Bible on DVD for myself. I loved it because I read poorly and reading along with Alexander Scourby is so easy. I can understand ever word as he reads it so plainly. I was showing it to my brother, he also fell in love with it. I ordered my brother one for his Brithday.

  18. 1


    By Carla Thompson

    I absolutely love this bible. I bought 2, 1 for me & the other for a friend. Wish I could afford to buy more so I could give a copy to each of my friends & relative. Its convenient & easy to use.I can be listening while im doing my daily chores.

  19. 1


    By Barbara J Twyman

    The Bible on CD (O/N Testement) is very good. I like the clear sound and tone of Mr. Scourbys' voice. Listening helps me to learn to pronounce the different names, countries, rivers and Kings ect. The Bible on CD is very portable to me. I also looked at your material for children, very good.

  20. 1


    By Unknown

    Thank you for making such a wonderful way of listing to gods word it has been such an insperation for me in helping me to learn and grow spiritaly I would recomend it to everyone.

  21. 1



    I bought a copy of this dvd on line to encourage me finished reading my bible within 70 DAYS. As a product of critical thinking. I achieved my goal. However, am appreciating the efforts of the man behind this great work.

  22. 1

    Excellent way to enjoy the Bible.......

    By Annette McCauley

    ...when you don't feel like reading, when relaxing, driving in a car etc.

  23. 1

    One of the best narrated bible.

    By Jerry Brown

    A must buy. You will enjoy the words of the THE LORD in easy understanding narrated by Alexander Scourby. Great bibical tool that everyone must have.

  24. 1


    By susan marley

    I was waiting for this because I have the Bible on a XP computer in which I can see all the verses in a column and I can search and listen. What happened to this one, I cannot install this one and I cannot do what the older one did, where is that version? However, it is nice I can still hear it only

  25. 1

    DVD of the Bible

    By Lila Gozalkowski

    KJV BIBLE ON DVD, What I love the most about this DVD of the Bible is hearing words and names of people that I never knew how to pronounce before. It makes reading the Bible more enjoyable. Also, seeing pictures of the Holy Land makes it interesting to me. I gave 2 DVD's as Christmas presents.

  26. 1

    KJV Bible on DVD narrated by Alexander Scourby

    By Karleen Benjamin

    excellent!! I gave it as a gift to an older adult and she loved it. Sound clear and crisp and easy to follow. Like that one can skip to any section one wants. Excellent picture scenes. I would buy it again.

  27. 1

    C. H. Wallace


    I find that the reading stops short on the last verse of each chapter, also its stops when going to the next verswe & will not continue untill I restart the video. This is a new I purchased within the last three months I would really appreciate getting a DVD that works properly. Thank you

  28. 1

    Listening to the Bible

    By Bonita Buria

    I learn so much Bible now that I have this playing on the TV. While I do housework, often something that is said will stand out, so I will check the TV to see where it is found. I have learned so much. Alexander Scourby is my favorite Bible narrator. He just catches my attention.

  29. 1


    By Wayne E. Parks

    This bible is the most important DVD that I now own. The quality and being able to understand when the words are spoken are exceptional. Price was very reasonable. Your products can make a difference in the quality of a christian and the world. The HOLY BIBLE IS GOD'S HOLY WORD.

  30. 1

    Holy Bible KJV - Alexander Scourby

    By Angela Hooks

    I love the voice of Alexander Scourby as he read the word of God. He makes the word come alive. Worth every penny.

  31. 1


    By ethel c downing-ellis

    This is so excellent. I had been looking for this on dvd. I previously owned it on cassette but I wore that out. It helps me with my daily Bible readings and I enjoy it to the fullest. Thank you for recording it on dvd. Mr. Scourby's voice just brings the Bible to life.

  32. 1

    Audio Bible

    By Cheryl Easley

    This is the second time I have the privilege of using the audio Bible. I gave my 1st copy to an elderly lady who could no longer read large print. I was blessed to give it to her because I know what great a tool it was for me. Now that I am older and have a hard time reading I needed a copy.

  33. 1

    Best way ever!

    By thomas w armstrong

    This is the most compelling way my wife and I have ever used to study God's Word! Think of it, the Word is going in two senses at one time. This DVD also gives you chapter and whole book context. It actually allows you to get whole message the Lord is trying to convey as well as chapter and paragraph

  34. 1

    the book

    By roscoe jackson

    I find this dvd to be very easy to use veres and book easy to get. I was able to foward and pause with ease. The voice of Mr scourby is easy listening I am very pleased with this DVD.

  35. 1

    Alexander Scourby is the Best Bang for your Buck Bible!

    By donald s crater

    I love the Bible! The Bible on DVD is a lot less expensive than a Bible. I'm bad about misplacing my DVD's, so I dragged and dropped the files onto my desktop. Then all I have to do is drag and drop files in my player.

  36. 1


    By Cherrye Harper

    I love the narration by Alexander Scourby. His voice is pleasant and so easy to understand. He puts expression into the reading, making it so interesting. I already have one and am ordering one for a gift to a friend of mine.

  37. 1

    Gift for my 95 yr. old sister


    Sister Mildred turned 95 August 20, 2011 and still lives alone in Nashville Tn. Her vision is failing and the video permits her to read the scriptures daily.

  38. 1


    By mary matthews

    This DVD is so good. Very few mistakes and not crucial ones. His voice is very comforting to listen to and there are alot of CD's,DVD,s I've ordered that are not sticking to the Word of God. Alexander reads word for word of GOD and that's all I need!! Thank You Mr. Scourby!God Bless you ALL!

  39. 1

    Glad I Have It

    By Kenneth W Deemer

    Overall, this is easy to use but I would like for it to allow which chapter we wanted to start off in when want something in the middle or end of a book that has many. For example, when I want to go to Psalms 138, I do not want to have to keep going through a list of 137 other chapters before this.

  40. 1

    Bible read be Alexander Scourby

    By janet heddings

    I really enjoy hearing the Word of God read , and so well too. I especially like it at night.

  41. 1

    Very good product

    By Rosa M Bolinger

    I like this very much and have enjoyed the scripture reading and the Bible game but the tour has a lot of static in it. Otherwise a great product and one I enjoy using.

  42. 1

    KJV Bible

    By M's Rosemarie Robinson

    Excellent DVD, great graphics and the narration of the Bible is very clear and easy to follow. A great purchase for anyone who is biblically minded and loves to listen rather than read...I bought this DVD for my mother who is blind and she absolutely loves it!!

  43. 1

    KJV on DVD by Alexander Scourby

    By David W.ONeal

    Every thing was great Loved the product

  44. 1

    Good with the not so good

    By ernie powell

    I like Alex Scourby's reading of the bible. He is the standard, I judge everyone else by.However he only read the King James, which I don't use anymore, but in this case I will listen to it for it's classic beauty. five stars. The big negative was the Player, it was a poor quality. one star

  45. 1

    KJV Signature Edition

    By Dan Brantley

    Do not like the way the DVD starts. I would rather the DVD start with selecting the scripture that Alexander Scourby reads. There are things unnessary at the beginning. I would like to put the bible on my hard drive for quicker access.

  46. 1



    MY DAD is in a nursing home in SUNRISE PARK FLORIDA.I HAVE BEEN ALLOWING HIM TO JUST HEAR THE AUDIO portion of the BIBLE. THE NARRATOR: is ALEXANDER SCOURBY. MY DAD went from BED ridden to up from HIS BED. He started to eat on his own with a stroke on his right hand. Now as I write he sitting up. AMEN

  47. 1

    Very pleased with Purchase

    By Veronica R. Matthews

    I am very pleased with this version of the Bible and the extras make it just great. We really enjoy the bible questions, however we wish they were a bit more challenging. I would purchase and again.

  48. 1

    absolutely fantastic

    By cheryle skaggs

    My husband and I study with our Bible on CD. We love it so much. Sometimes we read along and stop it to discuse things and other times we just listen and let the work of God speak to our souls. It is such a blessing to my husband with him being disabled and has a time with bad knees. We love it alot

  49. 1


    By thomas w armstrong

    Cultivate a hunger and understanding of the Bible and its stories as read by Alexander Scourby. One of the few things we will bring to Heaven besides other believers is our understanding of the Word of God.This DVD of the Bible is ideal for those who have reading difficulties. I love the display(TV)

  50. 1

    Great help for study

    By Daniel A. Montour

    I have purchased several KJV on DVD by Alexander Scourby, Signature Edition to encourage Bible Reading for church members. and I believe it is great for studying the Bible also.

  51. 1


    By William Robertson


  52. 1



    This is a great audio bible. My wife and I have enjoyed it very much. Alexander Scourby has such a great and pleasant voice. Although I am 74 years old, I am very young in the Lord and this Bible has meant so much to me. My wife and I try to listen to 15 to 20 chapters daily.

  53. 1

    KJV on DVD by Alexander Scourby

    By Miss J Joseph

    I absolutely adore the voice only version of the KJV. I love everything about it. Scourby makes the Word come alive; and the Word thus transforms my life. He has an amazing voice and his pristine Queens English is music to the ears. I rate the item 5 out of 5 Stars and Scourby 10 out of 5 Stars.

  54. 1

    King James Version on DVD By Alexander Scourby

    By D. Stewart

    I enjoy it.Very good. Bless.

  55. 1

    Mothers Day Audio bible

    By Jerri Queen

    My rating is based on comments from the people that I ordered them for, my Mom and her neighbor who takes my Mom places since she doesn't drive. Both of them loved the Bible (audio and video) and the great grand children love the bible stories. I couldn't have found a more perfect gift! Thank you.

  56. 1

    KJV by AS

    By Istvan Gazdag

    I like to hear and read the Bible on TV or laptop at home or on the road. Sound could be made much better with todays technik. At the end of Chapters some of the last words are partialy cut, which should not be as we are dealing with the Word of the living God.

  57. 1

    IT IS GREAT!!!

    By Clifford Anderson

    This Reader and King Jasmes version are my very favorites. I was just going on line to listen, but now I can take the DVD along and play it on my laptop any where Thankyou very much!!

  58. 1

    KJV by Alexander Scourby

    By Roy E Gould

    Many years ago I had the New Testiment on cassette by Alexander Scourby and really enjoyed hearing his voice reading the Bible. It is great to now have it on a much more compact media- a DVD.

  59. 1

    KJV on DVD

    By Martha Curtis

    Great product and very reasonably priced! I can listen to the Bible while I drive, on the the TV at home, or on portable DVD. Its great for the kids, too!

  60. 1

    Holy Bible Complete King James Version 70hrs DVD

    By Yusak Irwanto

    The reading litlle bit to fast. Would it be possible to make it moving the word while reading? And can go to verse desire instead per chapter. Otherwise is good toll for family Bible reading time together.

  61. 1

    Without Reservation

    By Kate Onoriode Onyeanakwe

    I recommend the Bible on DVD unreservedly. Easy to use,very clear and audible. Plays for several hours continuously without any hitch. One of the best investment I ever made.

  62. 1



    This is an excellent product, and I am really enjoying it. The voice and sound quality are excellent. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to hear the Bible come to life.

  63. 1

    Classic Bible Reading

    By jack austin

    I love Brother Scourby's reading of the scripture. Nothing compares. And then to have it on a large screen before you as he reads makes my study of His word complete. I would (and I already have ) recommend it to all students and lovers of GODS word.

  64. 1

    needs improvements

    By mary a swearengin

    I purchased the bible on Dvd mainly for my computer. I like the looks and sound just fine, but i found it difficult to navigate back and forth from book to book, and chapter to chapter. I would prefer that the dvd showed all the books and chapters so I can select the ones I wanted to listen to.

  65. 1


    By marleen isbell

    I love this dvd! Alexander Scourby must have really understood the bible because his emphasis on the words seems perfect and it helps you to understand it.

  66. 1



    very good

  67. 1

    Needs of the visually handicapped.

    By Walter E Griffith

    The audio is what I expect. The text needs to be displayed like the Scenic Wonders Bible, synchronized and scrolling without the music and video. I purchased the SWB several years ago. Music is distracting for study purposes. Computer text enlarging capability for us visually handicapped.

  68. 1

    Awesome, no complaints

    By Paul Brown

    Was not what I expected but it seems like that was for the best.

  69. 1

    The Best ever.

    By Mary Harrell

    I like the DVD. The best ever to me.

  70. 1



    This is just awesome, our pastor has encourage each member to read thru the bible this year. My and I put it in our DVD and read and listen on our large HD TV.

  71. 1

    KJV Signature Edition

    By Barba L Hand

    I love this Signature Edition because it has the Q&A Bible Game alone with the Holy Land Photo Tour. It was a reasonable price. I enjoy it very much.

  72. 1

    66 Books 1 Author

    By kenneth e harris

    Just like listning to a song and you cant get it out of your head so it is with Audio Bible i listen to it everywhere in the car, in public,even at work because the truth matters and besides :Jesus said my sheep know my voice and another they will not follow:...Glory !!

  73. 1

    The Greatest DVD Ever

    By Diana Hinton

    I have many Bibles and studies and when I bought this DVD I was so pleased at the content and the ease of watching it when I want to. I shared it with a friend who could not read any longer and she loved it too! I am disabled it is so easy to play this in any room I am in at the time. Thank you!!

  74. 1

    King James Version

    By Willaim Haney

    Great Product, I would recommend to anyone

  75. 1

    Holy Bible, KJV, on DVD Alexander Scourby

    By Bernard C. Walborn

    I love bring able to read the Word of GOD on DVD while listening to Alexander Scourby read it out loud. I retain more of what I see than what I hear, but this way I get the best of both worlds. Beside he can pronounce all those names the right way with out me trying to sound them out.

  76. 1

    Highly recommended

    By thomas w armstrong

    Never before has a Bible product had the ability to give to the reader the ability to see the books as a whole and written with the intent of the author. The context with the message is easier to feel and see. With the Word being recieved by two senses, retention of God's Word is amazingly improved.

  77. 1

    It's great...

    By Angela Wells

    This DVD set is great to listen to.....

  78. 1

    Best of The Best DVD Bible

    By James Deitrich

    I listen to this KJV Bible every weekend for at least ten hours for several years. I am a SDA. You can read and hear at the same time. Someone can also use this to learn some English too. It just keeps playing and playing and playing perfect each time. I have told many friends about this DVD.

  79. 1

    Very happy

    By Luiz Dunham

    I am very happy with this product. It inspirates me a lot.

  80. 1

    Bible Marathon

    By Morey Lloyd

    At Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento, CA we had a marathon Bible in a week end. For all there, it was the first time they had exposed themselves to book after book in the Bible. It was a great time and we expect to do it again next year. We will plan to have the event to celebrate the 400th Year of KJV.

  81. 1

    Bible on DVD

    By Margaret Sanchez

    I always enjoy Alexander Scourby's reading of the Word. After hearing several audio bibles he is the one I enjoy the most, or should say enjoy at all (others made me fall asleep) With the DVD however it gives a great visual of the Word as you read along a few verses at a time. I absolutely LOVE it.

  82. 1

    The perfect gift!

    By Wanda Pittman

    There's so many people who are too tired after a long day at work to have energy to pick up a bible and really get a lot out of it. That's why I find this to be a great gift. You can listen as you relax or even as you work. So much more can be covered in such a short time.

  83. 1

    It's a '''''''Must have'''''''' for you

    By Joy Okoye

    I bought the KJV on DVD, by Alexander Sourby, Dec. 2009. It came with extra dvd on Bible quiz. I enjoy the product. More so, the extra dvd on Bible quiz serve so well during our children Sunday-school. I believe you too will enjoy it.

  84. 1

    KJV on DVD by Alexander Scourby Signature Edition.

    By Wanda Pittman

    I love it! It's very clear to hear and makes studying the bible so much easier. It's nice to be able to relax and listen after a busy day. It's also a great gift idea.

  85. 1

    KJV on DVD by Alexander Scourby Signature Edition

    By Bernard C. Walborn

    I love the ease and comfort of being able to sit on the couch with my wife and reading the Word of God while listening to Alexander Scourby reading it out loud in his awsome style. It is truly a blessing.

  86. 1

    complete kjv Bible on dvd

    By harold hefner

    this is a great audio Bible to help study in the word of GOD. good price my disc has a few flaws like being jumpy and in some places the audio gets really low and to where you can't understand it i think it is in the book of mark but this is still a good priced audio Bible may just be a bad disc.

  87. 1

    A delightful D.V.D of the Bible

    By Orval Masse

    In the d.v.d. there were many beautiful scenic pictures. Accompanying them were hymns old and new. Alexander's voice is anointed and easy to follow. He keep's your focus. Scripture finding is convenient and helpful. I truly enjoyed it. The tapes allowed me to further my knowledge of the Word of God.

  88. 1

    Great product for bible lovers

    By Michael Etienne

    What a great product!! I love it for the simple fact of old testament name pronunciations. Alexander Scourby's delivery makes the writings of the bible rich, entertaining, and mesmorizing. Highly recommended!!

  89. 1

    KJV on DVD by Alexander Scourby (Sig. Edition)

    By Wanda Pittman

    This is a great way to get good bible time in. It's clear and easy to understand. It's also very rewarding to be able to hear. I cherish it.

  90. 1

    king james version by alexander scourby

    By harold hefner

    this is a great audio Bible except that in part of the book of Mark the audio gets real low and sometimes can't understand the words and in the book of Revelations it gets all jumpy and flickers but i still enjoy the disc and listen to it.

  91. 1

    KJ Audio Bible

    By Joan Stryker

    I think it is an outstanding product. I gave it to a friend who has trouble reading and they have really enjoyed it.

  92. 1

    Best Audio Purchase Ever

    By Linda Brewer

    I started listening to Alexander Scourby read the Bible to me online When they changed readers I was very disappointed and did an internet search under his name I loved the purchase so much I got one for my husband and one for my daughter Alexander Scourby still has the best Bible reading voice ever

  93. 1

    We think your Bibles on DVD are terrific

    By Dorsey and Jane Brandenburg

    We think your Bibles on DVD are terrific EXCEPT sometimes I just want to read it so I turn the sound off but I cant turn the page at will My vision is bad and my joints are bad for holding booksand turning pages so I was hoping to read your Bibles on our big screen Boo hoo that I cant turn the pages when I am ready Otherwise real real nice product.

  94. 1

    DVD Bible

    By Joel Morrison

    It's a great DVD I even bought one for a friend!

  95. 1


    By Katie M Henry

    As I listen to the bible I could visualize the events as they happen. I didn't have to mispronounce the names and it was a great help during my 90 day bible reading for my church.

  96. 1

    Great DVD by Alexander Scourby

    By Dennis Ayers

    It is so great to play the Bible DVD to myself and my children. I am not very good at reading aloud and my children wont read on their own so... what better way? It is professionally done and Alexander has a warm clear voice and the text comes alive with meaning and clarity. Add this to your library.

  97. 1

    Review of Audio Bible in KJV with Alexander Scourby

    By (Mr.) Michael Townsend

    Scourby's voice is presented very clearly. However, I am disappointed that there doesn't seem to be any easily-accessible index page to the entire Bible whereby the user can easily abd quickly jump to particular books of the Bible. Does such an index page actually exist on the DVD and where is it?

  98. 1

    KJV Audio Bible

    By Faye Scoggins

    Outstanding. To me, the King James Version is the most beautiful version of the Bible. The language is almost musical in it's cadences and has a magical quality. Alexander Scourby was an excellent choice for the narration. His voice and diction are impeccable. The Bible really comes alive.

  99. 1

    Audio Bible

    By wilma frost

    I think this dvd is fantastic. I understand it better listening to someone else read it.Alexander Scourby is great. He pronounces all those words that i never knew how to pronounce.I would advise everyone to get one and listen to it every day.I have thoroughly enjoyed it.I know you will like it .

  100. 1

    Alexander Scourby CD & DVD Bible Narration

    By Peter P Guerrieri Jr

    It was a blessing to discover Rick Dennis'ministry of providing audio recordings of the Bible, and the Scourby versions are great. In this fast-paced and demanding world time is of the essence, and the CDs and DVDs are indispensable to helping stay in the Word. I recommend the sets to everyone.

  101. 1

    What a wonderful DVD!

    By Erika Morrell

    The King James version narrated by Alexander Scourby is wonderful! It was just what I had been looking for. Mr. Scouby’s voice is pleasant to listen to, and lends the dignity and peace that I was looking for in the audio of a Bible program. I can read along or close my eyes, and relax and just listen to the word. Everything about this DVD is a JOY! The one thing that I was disappointed in was the inability to pause the program, to run to the kitchen or restroom. Besides that, everyone should own this DVD!

  102. 1


    By Albert Woolery

    Dissapointed that I can't select a particular verse if I want to. I can only select chapters.

  103. 1

    Review from Sara

    By Sara J Miller

    This King James version of the Bible by Alexander Scourby is absolutely wonderful. The soothing sound of his voice just makes you want to listen for hours and hours, which I have done. You cannot go wrong on this purchase. The blessings from God's word makes you become closer and closer to our Lord.

  104. 1

    Thank you.........great Father's Day gift!

    By Kathleen Lawson

    I purchased this item for my 82 year old father for Father's Day at his request. He was so looking forward to listening to it that I gave it to him early! He is almost blind and he enjoys listening to it everyday. Thank you for offering this inspirational alternative for the visually impaired!

  105. 1

    DVD Bible is the Greatest!

    By Christy A Jordan

    I enjoy relaxing and listening and being able to follow along. The King James is both inspired and literary. Studying it is a life-long hobby of mine and this DVD is perfect.

  106. 1

    just what i was looking for

    By Anita Troxell

    This is a great program. I use it every day . I'm not a good reader so I wanted something that would read the Bible to me while I followed along and I love the voice of Alexander Scourby.

  107. 1

    Another great gift to myself

    By Barbara Watkins

    My name is Barbara Watkins and I am disabled. I wanted to learn the bible so one day I ordered the bible on DVD. The King James James version and what a blessing that I did. It was reasonably priced and Alexander Scourby is a great reader. A little fast at times but I recommend this DVD to anyone!

  108. 1

    Bible on Dvd

    By Peter Batrous

    This is a great product. It is easy to use and large enough print for you to follow along if you desire. Mr Scourby speaks clearly while making the text come alive. The only negative is that you should be able to save your place after each reading, instead of having to go through start up each time.

  109. 1

    King James Bible on DVD

    By clifton rush

    Hi it is a pleasure to ues the dvd bible,it helps me when i study,makes me want to study more,is relaxing to listen to. thanks very much and may God bless you.

  110. 1

    Family Devotions

    By Emmanuel .S.Ige

    Since i have bought the DVD,we have using for the bible for the family devotion.

  111. 1

    Holy Bible-King James version

    By James C Johnson

    I love listening to Mr Scourby read the bible. It takes me back to my childhood when the KJV was the only bible. He brings the stories and parables to life allowing me to understand better than when I read alone. Being able to follow along with the words while he reads is a great thing for me.

  112. 1

    Great Way To Learn The Bible!...

    By jamie r. gustkey

    With the clear, big print script.. and the narration of Alexander Scourby, the combination of the two really make learning and following the entire Bible clear and easy! I recomend this to anyone just starting or who have tried to read it themself and have giving up. This is a wonderful version!

  113. 1


    By Marian Calladine

    This DVD is the most inspirational one I have ever seen. Alexander Scourby reads the Bible beautifully and it was the greatest pleasure to watch and hear. I would recommend any one to watch and listen, I am sure they will be as blown away as I am. Hearty thanks to the production Team

  114. 1

    Easy To Understand/ you don't have to worry about reading!

    By Judy A Matlock

    This is great!I love it!!

  115. 1

    Scourby on DVD

    By Bernard C. Walborn

    My wife and I have been using the Bible on CD for years and it has work well. We read for 30 minutes every day and every other day I need to stop in the the middle of our reading to change the CD. With the Bible on DVD we just pop the DVD in the player and read the Word of God. I love It.

  116. 1

    My joy in God's word is finally satisfied.

    By Edward B Dorsey

    This presintation of the Bible by Alexander Scourby is presented by a master of the English language. His manner of speaking is often like poitry. The ability to follow along on the screen with the reading and auto page turning, makes following along a real joy. I highly recomend it to you.

  117. 1

    king james version

    By carolyn bearden

    I bought this audio bible for my husband since he has trouble pronouncing some of the names and words in the bible. He loves it and I believe it has really helped him a lot. Thank you

  118. 1

    Now there's always something good on T.V.

    By Jeanette M Cannady

    My husband and I love to listen to The Word of God read by Mr. Scourby. He has a wonderful voice and the verses displayed help keep us focused and keeps our minds from wandering. The passages move me and I get quite emotional. This DVD set is a blessing to our home. Finally good T.V.

  119. 1



    My video bible is very nice and easy to understand, I put mine on when I go to bed and watch and listen to it till I fall asleep, seems I can hear it even when sleeping as things come to my mind after I wake up that I know I did not see, I would recomend this video Bible to every one.

  120. 1

    DVD Bible a great investment!

    By Jean Giese

    I'm really enjoying my Bible on DVD. I put the DVD into the player as I begin walking on my treadmill. The time passes so quickly as I walk and listen and read all at the same time. The reader has a very strong, pleasant voice. He's easy to understand. I'm improving mind and body at one time.

  121. 1

    well pleased with the Audio Bible

    By Chester Chattin

    I find it very useful when I can't sleep I can go into the tv room and use a wireless headset that is attached to the tv and enjoy reading and listening to the bible without waking others. household members. I have a number of other audio bibles but this is the one I use. Thanks so much.

  122. 1

    spiritual blessing


    The bible is a book that records the events of the past ,present,and the future life on this planet earth and the entire universe.The holy spirit poured out in words to those who will recieve it, finds peace,joy,happiness,contentment,mercy,and understanding in doing gods will while giving him praise

  123. 1

    KJV DVD Bible

    By Frank Alcamo

    I love it and use it often.

  124. 1

    A sick friend

    By Pacheco U. Pyle

    I purchased the DVD KJV Bible almost a year ago for a friend who was ill. Though she had to endure a learning curve in moving through the text, she caught on and loved the comfort of having the Scriptures-on-Screen as well as on audio.

  125. 1

    Its about time!!!!

    By Brian Haley

    You can read along, page turns as narrator reads. Super easy to use. Format is attractive and reverent. The font is pleasing to the eyes. A.Scourby is by far the best Bible reader bar none (and I've heard most of the popular ones). No false pronunciations, no trying to sound like a Hebrew scholar.

  126. 1


    By Anna Torres

    This is one of the best purchases i have ever made!!!

  127. 1

    Great Product

    By Jerry L. Henderson

    In my judgment this is one of the best Bible programs on the market. I purchased one for my 87 year old mother and one for myself. Mother enjoyed both seeing and hearing the text of God's word. She was hard of hearing and being able to see the text helped her to understand Thanks so much

  128. 1

    bible dvd


    My wife was vary emotional whe she received it for christmas.

  129. 1

    Bible on DVD King James Version

    By Chuck McDanel

    Great study tool And a great sunday school tool

  130. 1

    Speed reading

    By Thomas Prader

    Can you add a change or two to the speed of the Reader. Some of us cannot Comprehend that fast. And I did not find an easy way of Playing a Page over to understand it better. Thank You for caring.

  131. 1

    The Scourbey Bible (King James Version)

    By Lawrence Finkelstein

    When I first read the Bible, it was with Mr Scourbey's brilliant reading that won me over to a daily reading of scripture. All I can say: May God bless Mr. Scourbey, and his reading. They have helped me to what I have become today.

  132. 1

    King James Version Bible on DVD

    By Christopher Davis

    The DVD is well put together and easy to navigate through. The naration is outstanding. I recomend this DVD to anyone. Divotionals and quick look up of any vers is simpler and easyer.

  133. 1

    Great product

    By Richard Sharpe

    I really enjoyed listening to the bible. My wife is legally blind and cannot read the bible herself. she really enjoyed listening to it. I would recommend it everybody.

  134. 1

    Great Presentation

    By John Wilson

    This bible is a great presentation - easy to read and understand. Only one drawback - sometimes the pages turn prematurely and become out of sync with the audio portion. Can't figure out whether this is just a flaw in my copy or a flaw in the original prototype.

  135. 1

    GREAT DVD! 5 Stars!

    By L S Shedd

    I purchased one set of the KJV and liked it so much I bought one as a gift to my brother and sister-in-law. Mr. Scourby has a wonderful voice. I seem to understand more when I listen to him than I did when I read it myself. There's just something about hearing someone speak the words. Very nice!

  136. 1

    Daughter's Christmas List

    By L. Duenow

    I have the Bible on cd and enjoy Alexander Scourby's voice. The voice is something refreshing to hear. So my daughter wanted this product advertised on tv. I went to the internet and started searching. I found your product and now I have my daughters Christmas gift ready to wrap for her gift!

• King James Version Bible
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Voice only narration by Alexander Scourby
• Length: 71 Hours and 34 Minutes of Bible Reading
• Interactive Menus provide direct access to every book and chapter
• Listen and read the Bible at the same time, Synchronized audio and text showing every verse
• FREE Bonus disc includes Ultimate Bible Question and Answer Game, Holy Land picture tour and a Through the Bible in a year Weekly Reading Guide
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Alexander Scourby
• Alexander Scourby was the first person to make a complete recording of the Bible in 1944.
• Alexander Scourby made voice recordings of over 500 different books, he considered the Bible to be his most important
• Alexander Scourby worked in both radio and television as both a narrator and actor
Translation Information:
• King James Version
• Number of Translators: 54
• The KJV is a word for word translation.
• The King James Version was originally published in 1611.


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