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Message Bible

Biblical Scholars have always strived to bring a better understanding to the English translations of the Bible. The Message Bible translation was completed in parts starting in 1993 going through 2002. Now it is among the most popular Bible translations available among Christians in English-speaking countries. Many people refer to the Message Bible as a paraphrase of the original text. This is accurate but possibly misleading. This Bible translation was done by Eugene H. Peterson, and he translated this Bible using the ancient manuscripts and texts. This Bible is a highly idiomatic translation that aims to bring the same spirit into the words as was meant in the ancient languages. The words may not be the most literal translation of the ancient scripts, but they are equivalent in meaning. This type of translation is considered highly dynamic. As you read the Message Bible you will understand more clearly the meaning of the passages that you read. As you understand more fully it will become easier for you to apply the teachings of the Holy Bible in your life.

You can grow closer to God as a family as you study the Word of God consistently in your life. We recommend that you listen to the Bible daily, and you will be able to find time to do so daily using your audio Bible. This daily study will bring you more faith and a higher spiritual knowledge. You will feel the Holy Spirit more fully in your life as you read the Word of God more often. Don't wait to get to know God More fully. Find the audio Bible that is right for you and start listening today!  


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