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• New American Standard Bible - (Updated) 1995 NASB Translation
• Voice only narrated by Stephen Johnston
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• 3 MP3 discs comes in hard plastic case
• Recorded at 64 KBPS, total file size is 1.9 GB for installation of the entire Bible
• Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
Voice narrator/Artist:
• He has gained an international reputation as an award winning narrator
• He has received many awards including an Emmy, the New York Film Critics Award, the National Silver Microphone Award and the Army Commendation Award
• Stephen Johnston has narrated and sold more translations of the Bible than any other person in history
Translation Information:
• New American Standard Bible
• Number of Translators: 54
• Translation Philosophy/Format: Word for word

Most Recent Customer Reviews:

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  1. 1

    Praise God

    By Anthony A Salinas

    My wife has been able to spend hours of learning by being able to listen rather than read. We both are having trouble with our eyes as we get older and this has been a true Blessing from God. Not only because of the ease of use but the price was very good.

  2. 1

    Great product! Shipped Fast!

    By Daniel G Beyer

    I loved it and am very thankful for it. The Bible shipped fast, so I was happy.

  3. 1

    Very Happy Customer !!!!

    By Randy Drone

    I am using the NASB on mp3 and I am very happy with it. It has great quality sound and it is very accurate to the text. Great Product and highly recommend it. Enjoy !!

  4. 1

    NASB Audio Bible

    By Carol M Pearson

    I put this on my Ipod and enjoy it so much as I'm on my walks. I like the NKJV also, but this is also a very good more modern language and understandable translation. It is a true translation rather than a paraphrase and that is what I like. I like that It is divided by chapters so I can go back and forth.

  5. 1

    Good way to have God speak to your spirit all night

    By David A. Marshall

    Our family listens all night. The narrators voice is soothing enough that sleeping isn't a problem. It's great to have the word feed your subconscious all night long.

  6. 1


    By Noel J Grant III

    This enabled my wife and I to read along and we finished reading the Bible for the first time ever. Will have to order another version later and read through again.

  7. 1

    NASB review

    By Steven Drago

    i love to listen to this bible 2 times a week,but I cannot rip them onto My windows media player, but I do enjoy the old testament in fact the book of psalms in very good. the only negative review I have is that since running the MP 3 disc's at twice normal speed they scratch quicker

  8. 1

    Very well done!

    By Joel T Studebaker

    I am very happy with the NASB Bible. Very well read and no flaws that I have noticed though I mostly listen to the NT.

  9. 1

    Bible study in my car

    By Steven Francis

    I have been listening to my Bible on my commute to and from work each day. The 20 minute drive has become a special time as I listen with little else on my mind. Thank you for the work you do in providing this special asset.

  10. 1

    Not the best I've heard

    By Ralph Cook

    The NASB Audio Bible is easy to install on the iPod and easy to navigate. However, the reading is clear, but a bit off---lacking passion. I hear some of the most exciting things ever written but spoken with little passion. There should be excitement heard in the reading of the Bible.

  11. 1

    Stephen Johnson Bible Review.

    By Laurence R McClish

    Wonderful reading of the Bible. Listening to the Bible from cover to cover is really an experience. I have been a Bible student for more than 30 years. However I have never read the Bible from beginning to end. This is a great way to do it. It is almost as if God is talking to you. Well done.

  12. 1


    By Travis Reed

    This is a great audio bible. Easy to listen too and follow. I love that the readers voice is not mundane. He keeps you awake even if driving long distances. My CD player plays MP3 so I haven't had to put it on my Ipod.

  13. 1

    new americn standard bible

    By William S. Hart

    It is a blessing to hear the word read out load. The man reading the word did a good job. There is a small problem with the book of hebrews. The program goes to 1 samuel 3 when it should go to Hebrews 5. the link is messed up. In the book of revelation you left out half a sentence around chap 12.

  14. 1

    Happy Seeking:

    By Art Moon

    Thanks for putting time into this type of bible. Love it on my Ipod. Feel like I can't miss any opportunity to be in Gods word.

  15. 1

    NASB Review

    By Joe Liston

    I really enjoy listening to NASB audio bible, Stephen johnson does an excellent job of narration.

  16. 1

    NASB Bible

    By Miriam L. Testasecca

    The words are distinct and are at an easy listening pace - not too slow, yet not too fast. I enjoy listening every morning and evening.

  17. 1


    By Terri Surber


  18. 1

    NASB Audio Bible for iPOD

    By Bert

    Easy to load. Works well. Glad they have instructions for loading, it helped.

  19. 1

    Listen to The Bible as a lifestyle

    By Paul Forsén

    For many Years ago I started to listen to the Bible in a walkman taperecorder. I did it on my work 8 houres per day. That totaly revolutionised my relation with Gods word. Today I enjoy the Bible in my cellphone and computer. The valure in that is beyond mesure. Thanks for your ambition in this.

  20. 1

    Easy To Use


    I am techno-impaired but using Windows 7 it was easy for me to put the CDs into itunes and then transfer them to my ipod. On the ipod the Books and chapters are so easy to locate. Now I can listen to the Word whenever and in whatever part of the Bible I wish.

  21. 1

    NASB review

    By James Longmire

    I have only listened to the first two books of this audio bible, but so far I find it very easy to listen to. I love being encouraged by the Bible in an audio format. Thank you for producing this audio version.

  22. 1

    Audio Bible MP3

    By Gregory Peirson

    The NASB Audio Bible, narated by Stephen Johnston is fantastic. No music, or background noise in this recording. It is just an excellent, clean delivery by someone with a great voice. I use it while excercising or just relaxing. I highly recommend this audio Bible.

  23. 1

    Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

    By Amy Lee

    It takes a little while at first but I set up listening plans for each day as play lists on iPod. Then, the last thing I do each day is listen to the Word. I'm usually awake until the end and then doze off but sometimes I doze off first. Either way, the last words of the day are from God's Word.

  24. 1

    Excellent sound and clarity of reading

    By kimberly roadifer

    I can't begin to say how nice it is to have the Bible being read through with out changing the CD every 45 minutes!

  25. 1

    serenity, calmness of body and soul, peace

    By charles kunkel

    its a GREAT product hearing the word of GOD for 4- 5 hrs straight while driving semi. i can understand more then just readinng 3 chapters a day for a yr.

  26. 1

    Excellent product

    By Brian Johnson

    I enjoy listening to this while doing my cardio work-out.

  27. 1

    Excellent audio Bible

    By Bruce Bennett

    The NASB is unparalled for its faithfulness to the original languages and this product is both easy to install on your player and pleasant to listen to as well!

  28. 1

    Bruce Bennett

    By David Willis

    A very good translation. An accurate translation that is easy to listen to and understand. I highly recommend it for anyone searching for a good version to listen to while driving.

  29. 1

    New American Standard Bible for iPod & MP3

    By Paul Steffensmeier

    I love it. It's very handy to download onto my MP3 and listen to it in the vehicle.

  30. 1

    NASB for ipod

    By Steven Dibble

    Loved it. For the price it was a good value. The only thing you can not do is listen to this on a reguler CD player like in the car but you can use MP3 player that goes to FM radio.

  31. 1

    New American Standard Bible for iPod & MP3

    By William Wagner

    this is so nice to listen to when you are traveling or just before going to sleep. also i listen to it just before i go back and study it. it gives you a nice over view and is like an on going story. I carry it on my mp3 and listen whenever i have to wait anytime. I would buy again, well done

  32. 1

    Riding with the Word

    By Theresa Rypstra

    My husband and I often will go out for a long motorcycle ride. Having this product on my ipod touch has enabled me to listen to entire books of the Bible while out on the open rooad! I love it.

  33. 1

    NASB Audio Bible

    By Gary Hannasch

    I like it very much and enjoy listening to it, except that he speaks very quickly, a little too quickly for the punctuation that's there. It makes it a little difficult for prayerful listening.

  34. 1

    5 stars!!!

    By Courtney Guillory

    I would love to listen to the Holy Word while I am working out, in the car, or just hanging around the house!

  35. 1

    NASB Audio Bible

    By Gerald Hasty

    It is not at easy to load as I thought. It is as advertised.

  36. 1

    Great Audio Bible

    By Samuel T Gaskamp

    Very clear and easy to understand. Great voice. I love the NASB.

  37. 1

    A great buy!

    By Jerry L. Van Kuiken

    This is a great buy for anyone who has an mp3 player. The whole Bible does not take up much disk space. It is clearly and nicely done.

  38. 1

    Thank You

    By Tommy Smith Jr

    Thank you I appreciate the service I have received from audio bible more than I can communicate well Your fast transparently honest response to my inquiry is a wonderful change to my web experience even with large wealthy companies Your example is inspiring 1 Cor 1031

  39. 1

    Love the MP3 bible

    By Mickey Quenzer

    I love this MP3 bible Finally my wife and I can share the same version of the bible The Bible works well using the Victor Reader Stream. I wish that future versions can be created in Daisy format so they can be indexed to the verse level.

  40. 1

    NASB Stephen Johnson

    By Larry McNabb

    He is a good reader, but would like to have different books read by different people.

  41. 1

    NASB Audio Bible Stephen Johnston

    By Dianne Degarmo

    Great! I downloaded this to my MP3 and listen to the Bible on the commute to work and back.

  42. 1

    Good but not perfect

    By Carl Mauldin

    Several chapters are missing (at least 5 or 6) - Some other chapter plays - I ordered the audio Bible because I had a stroke and lost my ability to read - I didn't keep records. The only one I wrote down was Matthew 23 which is the most recent.

  43. 1

    MP3 Bible

    By Walter Moosmann

    Some weeks ago I ordered from Audio Bible a MP3 Bible. I was impressed firstly how promptly Audio Bible had dealt with my order and secondly by the product itself. I had ordered the same product some weeks before as a birthday gift for my son in law and he was enthousiastic.

  44. 1

    Best Buy for a NASB

    By J Reed

    This is one of the best ways to Here the word and place it in you mind for life. Just push play and you will grow in the word of God. To have this on a PC, MP3 player, or Phone is simple to do. This is a blessing to have the word with you always.

  45. 1

    The perfect narrated bible

    By Dale A Hudson

    This narrated bible is great. It does not have dramatization music that distracts from the words and unnecessarily adds to the length. The chapter per file makes it convenient to start and stop listening sessions at either chapter, book or just time limits.

  46. 1

    New American Standard

    By Ray Rasmussen

    Well done. I use it almost daily.

  47. 1


    By Gregory G. Manning

    My recent Audio (MP3) New American Standard Bible was a great purchase. Loading into my i-POD was easy. Flipping to specific book and chapter is very easy. I would recommend it to any one interested in listening or reading along the most cherrished book in history.

  48. 1

    MP3 NASB

    By Brandon Burk

    Very well spoken and easy to navigate through.

  49. 1

    Awesome Audio Bible

    By Dan L Paulson

    Just like it says, audio Bible of the NASB. Works great on my IPod. Didn't know how the readers voice would sound, but he reads the Bible well, and adds more emphasis at certain times then I would have emphasized if reading to myself. Also works great for listening in the car.

  50. 1

    Very nice

    By Brendon Zangaro

    I never did like listening to the bible with background music and I was happy to find this one that didn't. Very good recording and I would recommend this to anyone.

  51. 1

    NASB Audio Bible mp3

    By Walter Moosmann

    My expectations have been more than fulfilled. I also highly appreciated the prompt service and delivery. That is why after my first order I ordered the same item again for my son in law.

  52. 1

    MP3 Bible on DVD


    I have found this MP3 format to be very user friendly. I especially like the ability to read the text while listening to the audio. I am now in the market for the Holman Christian Standard in the same format.

  53. 1

    New American Standard Bible for MP3 by Stephen Johnston

    By Ray Rasmussen

    Very Good. I listen to it as a read thur the Bible everyday.

  54. 1

    great product

    By Julie Fry

    I was looking for an audio bible to add to my ipod to listen while exercising. I was able to download it very easily and am enjoying the version. It was exactly what I was looking for. Extremely satisfied.

  55. 1

    I listen while I read

    By Gerald Belkofer

    I like to listen to the bible while I read the same version. This helps me to retain more of what God is teaching me and has improved my reading skills greatly. Stephen Johnstons voice is soothing and his pronounciation is flawless, and makes reading the bible fun and easy.

  56. 1

    Audio Bible mp3 - Great product!

    By Regina Brooks

    This is a great product. I especially like it on my iPhone. The desktop version is cumbersome as only one file can be played at a time. However, copying the entire disk to your computer makes it available to play continious using other software.

  57. 1

    NAS MP3

    By Brad James

    This MP3 version is absolutely excellent and the New American Standard version is a good moderate translation. In my opinion superior to the NKJV and NIV.

  58. 1

    Great Value

    By John Pott

    Excellent value. Was what I hoped for and more.

  59. 1

    A worthwhile investment

    By Kerry LeBlanc

    I drive an average of 700 miles each day going back and forth to work. I spend a lot of time in my car. When I am studying a certain section of scripture I find it very helpful to have it to listen to. The quality is very good. The reader is pleasing to listen to and makes it very enjoyable.

  60. 1

    Well Done Recording But Hard to Copy

    By Gregg Robertson

    The recording is very clear/easy to understand. The narration is very well done, as are the summaries of each of the books. The chief problem was in transferring it to my i-Pod. I had to copy each file individually and in some cases rename or otherwise manipulate audio files to make it work.

  61. 1

    Excellent Product

    By Paul Koch

    I was hoping to get an affordable copy of the entire Bible in audio format. I wanted the NASB and I have listened to a few books already. I feel that this product was well done and I completely recommend it to others. It is a great way to occupy time when you do a lot of driving.

  62. 1

    NASB Complete for iPod by Stephen Johnston

    By Jim Olson

    5 Star, except I either missed something or did not understand how to correctly import the various playlist into ITunes. It imported 1 file copy for each playlist. I had to delete hundreds of dup files and playlist didn't work. Detailed info on web for ITunes would help with using w/IPod nano setup.

  63. 1


    By Sandra Christiansen

    Wonderful Bible to hear. Selection format is hard to work with and overwhelmed the ipod. Have enough memory to put the whole Bible on the ipod. I have MyBible on PDA and was hoping for a similar interface - definately not something that could be shuffled. I deleted the Bible. User error???

  64. 1

    Excellent Quality

    By Andrei Moscopol

    I am very satisfied with the purchase of NASB Audio Bible. First, I apreciate the NASB translatioon. Then, the quality of the sound and the voice of the reader. This is really how the Word of God should be listened. Faith comes by the hearing the Word after all... It is a great companion!

  65. 1


    By Dean Sangrey

    Exactly what I wanted. Steady, clear voice. Easy to set up an use.

  66. 1

    Help in Remembering

    By James H Sedberry

    I just love the NASB, MP3 Bible. It is so easy to use. I have it on my ipod and take it everywhere. I am able to play it anywhere and at anytime even when I take a nap. I have heard that the brain never turns off so even when you sleep it is hearing the words of God. Thanks So Much

  67. 1


    By alex v mertes

    it is a nice bible reading. i put this version in my sony-ericson 850i phone. still have more space on the 8gb m2 card listen 2 it almost every day.

  68. 1

    Just What I Was Looking For

    By Louis M Lizyness

    After listening to various samples on your website, I realized that I find the dramatizations and background music in many of the audio bibles somewhat distracting. What I wanted was the unadorned message. No bells, no whistles, just God's word delivered well. That's just what I got here.

  69. 1

    MP3 NASB Review

    By Terry Nuss

    This is EXACTLY what I was looking for - couldn't have asked for a better product with such amazing quality. The price was much less than what I expected and the Audio Bible was shipped very quickly. Xfer to MP3 was a snap! Thanks for a great product at a great price!

  70. 1

    Read Along Bible

    By Linda L Lowenski

    Installed the NASB Audio Bible mp3 on my I-Pod. Read large portions of the Bible before; but never read it from the beginning to the end. Find the text easy to follow with the excellent reading by Stephen Johnson. I know I will finish the Bible this year. Book/chapter format is good bookmark.

  71. 1

    Best Audio Bible I've ever heard.

    By Brice L. Burtch

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Stephen Johnston does a superb job reading, the quality of recording is excellent, the package comes with MP3 CDs and one DVD which contains them all including some playlists. I would highly recommend this to everyone.

  72. 1

    NASB audio bible mp3

    By Tom Shearer

    IT stinks, The ad says that they can be played on mp3 devices but it cant be loaded on a mp3 portable player to go walking with. It is worthless!!

  73. 1

    NASB Bible MP3 version

    By Mae Davis

    This version could be slower making it better to understand the word at times.

  74. 1

    NASB Bible in MP3 format for your MP3 and iPod, New American Standard Version

    By Paul A Steffensmeier

    Everything I hoped it would be. Very user friendly. Each chapter is a separate mp3 file so you can easily go to any chapter you want to. Also, the each book and chapter are numbered so that they show up in the order that they are in the Bible.

  75. 1


    By Bobby Euil Pool

    This is great and I would recombined this to anyone that uses the NASB bible.

  76. 1

    NASB mp3 audio bible

    By Brooke Darling

    We can't always stop and read. I put this Bible on my i-pod and listen everyday as I go about my chores and before I go to sleep. I am almost through the whole Bible now(less than 2 months) and blessed everyday by it. I would encourage everyone to fill their extra minutes listening to the Bible.

  77. 1


    By William Goss

    I've made good use of the MP3 NASB Bible - I loaded it to my iPhone and love having it accessible all the time. The quality of the reading is excellent. I could not listen to it on my car stereo which will not play MP3 CDs, but it's great for use on my laptop and iPhone.

  78. 1

    Voice inflections

    By Jeremy W. Page

    The narrator uses voice inflections poorly. If available on this website listen to a snippet before buying. It may sound ok to someone else, but for my listening pleasure I would prefer the inflections be toned down to casual conversation-like.

• New American Standard Bible - (Updated) 1995 NASB Translation
• Voice only narrated by Stephen Johnston
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• 3 MP3 discs comes in hard plastic case
• Recorded at 64 KBPS, total file size is 1.9 GB for installation of the entire Bible
• Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
Voice narrator/Artist:
• He has gained an international reputation as an award winning narrator
• He has received many awards including an Emmy, the New York Film Critics Award, the National Silver Microphone Award and the Army Commendation Award
• Stephen Johnston has narrated and sold more translations of the Bible than any other person in history
Translation Information:
• New American Standard Bible
• Number of Translators: 54
• Translation Philosophy/Format: Word for word

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New American Standard Bible for iPod & MP3 read by Stephen Johnston

78 product reviews

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