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  • Front view - New King James Bible Complete on CD, dramatized by Stephen Johnston, showing carrying strap
  • Back view - New King James Bible Complete on CD, dramatized by Stephen Johnston
  • Inside the zipper carrying case - New King James Bible Complete on CD, dramatized by Stephen Johnston
  • Zipper carrying case and CD- New King James Bible Complete on CD, dramatized by Stephen Johnston
  • Image of CD with instructions to let user know which chapter is on which track - New King James Bible Complete on CD, dramatized by Stephen Johnston
  • Front view - New King James Bible Complete on CD, dramatized by Stephen Johnston

New King James Bible Complete on CD, dramatized by Stephen Johnston

38 product reviews
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• New King James Version Bible
• Complete Bible on 58 audio CDs
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Word for word reading over a soft instrumental background by Stephen Johnston.
• Packaged in an attractive padded zipper case
• Each CD has each chapter indexed on its on track to easily find the chapter you want to listen to.
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Stephen Johnston.
• He has received many awards including an Emmy, the New York Film Critics Award, the National Silver Microphone Award and the Army Commendation Award
• Stephen Johnston has narrated and sold more translations of the Bible than any other person in history
• He has gained an international reputation as an award winning narrator
Translation Information:
• New King James Version
• Published in 1982.
• Word for Word Translation
• Number of Translators: 119

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  1. Bible

    Posted by Chad Green

    We love our bible! It is amazing and makes it super simple to keep in our word. Blowing the driveway or at work. A really awesome way to hear the words of the Bible too.

  2. Audio Bible - for the car

    Posted by Debbie L. Barnes

    Enjoying so far, CD's in good shape, sound great.

  3. Review for AudoBible NKJV

    Posted by Larry Bergstrom

    This product was purchased as a gift from my wife to her brother who is extremely happy with the Audio Bible.

  4. Late review but totally worth it!

    Posted by Nicole Whiteurst

    I purchased the gift for my mom who travels for work and needs the spiritual motivation while working her daunting job. She received it and cried once she realized what she had. She knows God is with her but hearing his words while traveling makes Him feel even closer. I am very happy and grateful.

  5. Amazing knowledge

    Posted by Justin Budd

    I listen to this audio CD daily in my car to retain knowledge of the moral lessons from the bible stories. I no longer listen to music except this audio CD. Just listening to it makes me feel like I was there whatever God's people went through and provides me with a deeper understanding than ever.

  6. excellant

    Posted by billie dahnke

    It is one of the most fascinating recording of the Bible I have listened to, so much so I gave one to my daughter and granddaughter. More people should have access to it, wonderful piece of art. Done with so much compassion. Thank you.

  7. NKJV Audio Bible

    Posted by Sheila Blackburn

    My daughter received this audio bible as a gift. My 7 year old grandson listens to it every night when he goes to bed. I then bought it for my husband and my sister as gifts for the Feast. I also bought it for myself on MP3. We love it. Can say enough good things about it.

  8. nkjv audio bible

    Posted by simona verneuil

    The audio bible is excellent! I bought it for my 7 yr old son and since I gave it to him he listens to it every day. The bible is read clearly and is very very easy for him to follow it with the reader. The sound is clear and the explanation on each book is helpful. I love to listen to it as well.

  9. Paul review

    Posted by Paul Jass

    The audio bible is great. I keep it in my car so I listen to it everytime I drive. It is especially useful for long business driving trips.

  10. Great to hear the Woed

    Posted by Lawrence G Rodriguez

    Being able to listen to the Word makes it easier & beneficial grow in the knowledge of God plan for us. During a busy day when holding a bible and trying to read & work at the same time all one has to do is put the CD in the computer, player or walkman and receive Gods word.

  11. New King James Audio Bible

    Posted by Sheila Blackburn

    My daughter had received this as a gift from someone. She would put one of the CD's on at night when putting my six year old grandson to bed. While he was visiting me recently, I had the opportunity to hear them and decided to buy my own. I love them!!

  12. NKJV Audio Bible

    Posted by Tammie R. Howard

    It's great. I love it. It's not always easy to find time to read my Bible so this is the perfect opportunity to learn the Bible while driving back and forth to work everyday and every time I'm in my car. His voice is very easy to listen to. I'm really glad I made the purchase.

  13. very happy!

    Posted by ELLEN J DONGIEUX

    I am so happy with these CDs. The music is low and unobtrusive, but just enough to add a nice touch. I listen while driving, and I play one every night to fall asleep by, as well as to help when bombarded by negative thoughts. I am very pleased and would recommend this Bible on CD to everyone.

  14. Great to Listen to on Drive to Work

    Posted by Ronke

    I have enjoyed this Bible on CD, especially on my commute to work. Great Resource!

  15. blessed reading

    Posted by Botros Sharowbeem

    it was really nice and simple you can follow listening without tension.

  16. NKJV AUDIO BIBLE ON CD. Narrator Steve Johnston

    Posted by Robert Reilly

    Well , I wish I would have ordered The King James Version ......These are good , but the first CD. skips and clatters as it goes , the rest however are just fine .... Thank You .

  17. Old and New Testaments

    Posted by Janet K. Travers

    Easy listening with appropriate background sounds. Only one small glitch at the end of Exodus

  18. Audio Bible review

    Posted by Amelia Lee Spears

    I really like it. The reading is good and the drama enhances listening. The only problem is the volume level varies quite a bit.

  19. NKJV Audio Bible

    Posted by Ronald Bobson

    I enjoyed the Bible but perfer Max Mclean.

  20. awsome, great!

    Posted by Bruce Neaville

    Every thing i was looking for! Love the sound of it!!thanks so much!!!

  21. Veterans Center

    Posted by Carl Hogue

    This is, without a doubt, the most helpful tool I have, in reaching these Veterans here, at the Center, and the residents at our Bible Study programs at the retirement centers (3), whom are partially or totally blind. Every one who has been exposed to the audio Word of God, as you have made available to the public, has had nothing but positive comments about your product. We love it. Thank you so much, and continue the great service. Yours in Christ. Chaplain Dr. Carl Hogue. Lawton \ Fort Sill Veterans Center.

  22. Great Tool

    Posted by William R. Cook

    This Bible is a joy to have and to hear. Clear and easy to understand narration by Stephen Johnson, the New King James is a beautiful and accurate translation that does well as a narrated Bible.

  23. Audio Bible (NKJV)

    Posted by Carol A Higginbotham

    I am thoroughly enjoying it. I listen to it every day on my way to and from work and on the weekends.

  24. Audio Bible

    Posted by Alfred Hampton

    I love this Bible. It is great to listen to. I would highly recommend it.

  25. Good listening

    Posted by DANA HUBERT

    You are drawn into the stories..excellent

  26. Auto Bible on CD

    Posted by Julie Magnusson

    This is one of the best purchases I have made. I am extremely pleased with these audio bibles!

  27. Worth Every Penny

    Posted by Kerri Akines

    I can get so much more reading done with the help of these cds. Listening to the scriptures while reading along has really helped my comprehension because I am taking advantage of two different learning modalities. I can't think of any thing more important to learn, so it's well worth the money.

  28. NKJV audio bible background noise

    Posted by John Wood

    Bought the cd's to listen while driving long distances. There is a very slight tinkling music that comes and goes and is rather annoying. I would have been much happier with just the spoken word. As it is, I do not listen due to the background noise that was not advertised.

  29. love, love, love it.

    Posted by Pamala R. Verreras

    I am not as young as I used to be and that goes for my eyes too. It makes reading my bible for any time, longer than a few minutes hard, but now I can just set back and hear the word of God as long as I want to. thanks to your CD's

  30. Refreshing On Your Way To Work!

    Posted by Steve & Heidi Heine

    Reading time is hard to come by in my family. These CD's have really increased the blessings and knowledge of God's word in my life and are a part of each day. They are easy to load from my computer to my phone or mp3 player for quicker reference.

  31. Excellant way to invite the Word into your heart

    Posted by Scott Hutchins

    If you are unable to read, for whatever reason, this Audio Bible is an excellant way to invite the Word of God into your heart. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Let Audio Bible meet your daily requirement for Spiritual nourishment, because you can't live on bread alone.

  32. Real Bible

    Posted by Alexandre Jorge Fontes Laranjeira

    Just loved the translation. The narration is also very good, conveying all the emotions of the characters.

  33. NKJV mp3s

    Posted by David K. Moore

    Stephen Johnston is like an old friend; 16 years I've listened to him. This is a great value (I almost feel like thief) at $20 to have the WHOLE word of God on my iPod! It is a joy to study all day as I work. There is a glitch at the end of the tracks, the last two seconds of most tracks are skipped.

  34. New King James Version Audio

    Posted by Michael Clinton

    I have several versions of the Bible on CD. This is one of my favorites. It is very clear and easy to follow as I work in my shop. Stephen Johnson has a great voice for this and does not become monotonous . I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  35. The Best Audio Version I've Ever Heard

    Posted by Mrs. Luanne Downie

    This is the best and easiest way to read your Bible. You can listen to the narrator and at the same time you can read along in your bible. And his voice just makes the words come alive. I use it every chance I get. Thank you so much. It is something I will use again and again for years to come.

  36. Audio Bible

    Posted by Paul Barnes

    this is one of the best audio bibles i have found. the narrator is one of the best i have heard. thanks for a wonderful product. Paul Barnes

  37. An excellent product!

    Posted by Michael Davenport

    I am an avid Bible reader who travels a great deal. Being able to hear scripture, non-stop from the west coast to the east coast and back, is an incredible blessing! What's more, my mother has lost her vision and now borrows this set regularly since she can no longer read! An excellent product!!!

  38. Awesome.... Awesome... Awesome

    Posted by Charles Bowling

    I really have enjoyed my purchase and would highly recommend it to others. Great for gifts, too.

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