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New Revised Standard

The New Revised Standard Bible translation was first published in the year 1989. The New Revised Standard Bible is one of the most commonly used Bible translations among scholars of the word and all other Christians. This Bible translation was done with the goal of being as literal as possible while still allowing for freedom in expression if absolutely necessary. This Bible translation was done by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of Churches. This translation is consistently true to the true meaning of the ancient manuscripts and was translated using traditional Hebrew and Greek manuscripts as well as other scripts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Some of the most noticeable changes done in the New Revised Standard Bible is the removal of archaic forms of the second person, such as thee and thou, and also the removal of gender specific language. You will know for certain that you are listening to an extremely accurate representation of the Word of God as you use the New Revised Standard Bible.

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