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  • Front view - 1960 Reina Valera complete Bible on DVD, Reina Valera 1960 on DVD
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Reina Valera 1960 Audio Bible on DVD, Reina Valera Video Bible

54 product reviews
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• 1960 Reina Valera Revision
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Voice only narration by Samuel Montoya
• Interactive Menus provide direct access to every book and chapter
• Listen and read the Bible at the same time, Synchronized audio and text showing every verse
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Samuel Montoya.
• Samuel Montoya has a true love for the Gospel that can be heard in his recordings.
• Mr. Montoya is widely known throughout the Latin American countries.
• Samuel Montoya has been heard daily over Trans World Radio
Translation Information:
• 1960 Reina-Valera Revision


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  1. Salvation is everything

    Posted by Dago Martinez

    Great way to listen, read along, on the Word of God. Seek Salvation...repent of your sins. I strongly recommend this DVD to all human kind for we all have a birth date but we don't know of death date. Invest in self...buy it now! The Word of God is like a mirror, exposing your sins, sincerely.

  2. I love God's Word.

    Posted by ESSY S GONZALEZ

    I recommend this bible to everybody on this earth, If you are not a fast reader and you really want to read and understand the bible , this is the best option that there ever exists........Ragael G.

  3. Hearing and Seeing the Bible in Spanish

    Posted by Gerald A. Marion

    I am English only. I am very grateful too see and hear God's Word in Spanish. I am trying to learn how to speak Spanish Bible verses for a greater outreach in my community. Very helpful. Thank you

  4. Santa Biblia

    Posted by Diego Marrero

    Este producto es muy bueno y entendida y se lo recomiendo a toda el habla his pana

  5. Spanish Audio Bible - Montoya

    Posted by Tim Hedderman

    This DVD will be helpful to me in learning to speak Spanish. It will also help me to pronouce spanish words correctly.

  6. Santa Biblia

    Posted by Diego Marrero


  7. Exelent Spanish Audio Bible

    Posted by Jose Tejero

    Samuel Montoya speak loud and clear. My wife and I use it for daily study. It is a Bless. Samuel Montoya habla fuerte y claro. Mi esposa y yo la usamos para el estudio diario. Ha sido de gran Bendicion.

  8. Biblia Reina-Valera en DVD

    Posted by Luis M Lorenzo Fabian

    Hay cosas que deben ser mejoradas. Por ejemplo; la resolución de las imágenes no es buena, cuesta mucho trabajo leer el texto porque las letras se ven un poco borrosas. Cuando el narrador va a decir el número del capítulo el audio se corta (esto ocurre en la sección de el nuevo testamento). Gracias

  9. my dvd bible

    Posted by Jewel A. Atkins

    I am very happy that I purchased this produce. it is exactly as advertized. I enjoy listening and seeing the words on my pc or dvd player at the sametime.

  10. The Word Of God in Spanish.

    Posted by kenny merrique

    This production is very good.It is rendered slow enough to be followed and understood by the common folk. I enjoy reading and listening to it at the same time. Good job

  11. Realy blessed

    Posted by cristofer hernandez

    Its a great ítem for study

  12. La Biblia en Español

    Posted by Luis Pulido

    Creo que hacia falta un producto como este. Personalmente he estado buscando la Biblia en español en CD y nunca lo habia encontrado en la version Reina Valera y los dos Antiguo y Nuevo Testamento. Un gran producto

  13. Santa Biblia Reina Valera 1960 DVD

    Posted by Gabriel Alarcon

    This spanish bible is excellent.

  14. Complete Reina Valera 1960 on DVD by Samuel Montoya

    Posted by YOKASTA M. GUILLEN

    This is the best DVD I have ever purchase, this is an asset to me and my family, making bible easy to read or to listen at.

  15. Beautiful but ...

    Posted by Rose Marie Lutter

    Beautifully set up, easily used. But -- the reader's voice is boring, races on, and has no expression. The voice does not sound like it is proclaiming the word of God. It sounds like he is racing to save time. Hence, I did not found it uplifting.


    Posted by Rosa Montanez


  17. Best in Spanish

    Posted by Charles J Salvini

    My family in Argentina really enjoy this item. I have the English version and love it.

  18. Complete Bible In Spanish Reina Valera 1960

    Posted by Eric Marquez

    This is a great item. I bought this for my wife because she had a hard time reading, so I thought maybe she can see it instead of seeing other TV shows. Well she does, the breakdown is really nice, by old and new testament, and by book, then by chapter. Solid product. Now I want one of my on....

  19. Santa Biblia

    Posted by wilmer salazar

    es buenisima y conveniente .

  20. A great way to study the bible.

    Posted by edgar arvizu

    I can easily find the chapters i want. Now i can read for hours. Its a great way to learn and enjoy the word of God.

  21. complete reina valera by samuel montoya

    Posted by patricia melendez

    i rely won for mi dothar because can use in university when have time in break sorry for my witing an thankyou

  22. bible on dvd / digital bible

    Posted by Deliz M. Bell

    My bible on dvd help me to understand better God word. My husband like to listen the bible on dvd special when he go to sleep. My digital bible is the best of the best, I recommend this 100% special is you are working, come with the headphone. Is a blessing have peace in mine special at work.

  23. Best way to learn Spanish

    Posted by John E Clarke

    Eight months ago I knew no Spanish. I knew the King James English version quite well. I am learning Spanish as a baby would and have listened to the Santa Biblia version more than ten times. I understand most everything. A baby speaks in two years, and in three it speaks fluently. I plan to also!

  24. Easy to use visual Bible.

    Posted by Anna Hershberger

    bought this for a non-reader. I am please with the ease of use, and clear reading of the scriptures. I rate it a four because it does not come in files for listening only, which means the listener / reader must be in close proximity to a television - dvd combo. But overall great product!

  25. excelent

    Posted by luis diaz

    beautiful bible audio help a lat

  26. Amazing

    Posted by Elias Orellana

    This is a beautiful product you can read and listen to it i like it very much. Thanks

  27. excelent product

    Posted by Libreria Cristiana Cristo Vive

    A neighbor bought one for his personal use and loaned it to a friend, who kept it until he was able to get his own. They comment how much it helps them to discipline themselves to daily Bible reading (hearing), and sharing it with others visually also.

  28. bendicion

    Posted by Yan D Peralta

    Realmente a sido de bendicion por que hay veces que uno no tiempo de sentarse a leer por razones como el trabajo, queaceres del hogar exetera y uno puede poner el disco y de esa manera empaparse de la palabra de Dios y saber su promesa y por eso este articulo a sido de bendicion que Dios los bendiga

  29. Complete Reina Valera 1960 on DVD by Samuel Montoya

    Posted by Adonia Kennita

    good pronunciation good sound only that cannot hear the last words at the end of each chapter

  30. I loved this product

    Posted by Anna O Silva

    I loved this product it helped me tremendously with my studies After reading so many books for my classes I was able to listen to God Word without having to strain my eyes with more reading The voice is very clear it is read at a very good pace that allows you to understand and grasp itthank you for effort behind this project I feel that more Bible translation would also be benificial.

  31. Growing your Faith with JESUS.


    Romans 10:17

  32. Santa Biblia

    Posted by Yuri Kim

    Easy to follow and make bible reading fun and consistant habit. Pictures are beautiful also.

  33. Bible DVD,RV60 - Spanish -

    Posted by Margot Vargas

    As usual Samuel Montoya has a very clear voice and intonation, it was great gift for my sister she enjoys listening to the Bible, this DVD has been a great blessing to her

  34. Reina Valera DVD

    Posted by Don Skiver

    My wife loved the dvd. She sometimes likes to read and have it playing along with her, and other times she just likes to listen to it. The person doing the reading on the dvd is clear and calming. As always, the service from your company was great! Have a blessed day!

  35. Best of the best / Lo mejor de lo mejor

    Posted by David A. Aquino

    i`ts so ease the understand ,and the form you made the explanation is perfect GOD BLESS YOU Es muy facil de entender, y la forma que hace la explicacion es perfecta DIOS LE VENDIGAS

  36. I have been enjoying this product a lot

    Posted by John Wyatt

    I use it for learning to understand better the spoken Spanish and it is helping me do just that as well as study the Bible.

  37. Excelente !

    Posted by alexis castaneda

    Super !!

  38. Great product at a good price

    Posted by Johnny Machicao

    I wanted to have an audio bible well readed, with a clear voice and entonation. The price was something I considered. With this product I had it all plus the option to watch the scripture while is readed. I am very satisfied. Thank you for the quick shipping and the good communication.

  39. sorry

    Posted by Istvan Gazdag

    I am sorry to tell you that at the and of each chapter the last word fails partialy or completely. What a pitty! Also the sound could be reduced of hiss easily.

  40. The Best

    Posted by Maria A Benitez

    This is the most accurely Bible in Spanish. The few errors in translation are easy to find. 1Tim 2:15, check against the KJV, I think this is the important one.

  41. Audible Bible

    Posted by Jose R. Sanchez

    I love my bible on DVD. I just wished the entire bible were in one DVD, but I still love it


    Posted by Luis Herrera

    For spanish speaking readers, great voice of narration. Better if watched in a widescreen tv, I found this dvd bible very enjoyable and it's very easy to browse the entire bible. Also bought the bible in english, which I use to help myself with english pronunciation.

  43. Reina Valera 1960 Montoya

    Posted by CHARLES DAYTON

    Good voice, excellent Spanish. Good way to absorb the Bible in Spanish. The text is well synchronized with the voice and easy to read. La voz es buena y su Español es excelente. Es una buena manera de absorver la Biblia en Español. El texto esta bien sincronizada y facil de leer.

  44. Santa Biblia

    Posted by libia giraldo

    is a very good way to listen the word of god while we are busy with the everyday chores.

  45. la mejor biblia

    Posted by Rolando E. Jovel

    estos videos son de gran ayuda. para mi que vengo cansado del trabajo es la mejor compra que he hecho. estoy muy satisfecho. se los recomiendo

  46. Relaxition

    Posted by Angel L. Burgos

    Is a great DVD but when the person is reading sometime, the page do not change, until the next chapter, and them proceed reading, until happen againg but i will recomended, very clear and easy to understand.

  47. Very good!

    Posted by Omar Nova

    This audiobook is amazing, it has features that helps us to understand the text. As well as reading and listening at the same time it makes an extraordinary change in reading the holy Bible. I encourage everyone to purchase this audio-Bible, even more it is inexpensive! Thanks!

  48. Review of Santa Biblia DVD by Ed P.

    Posted by Dallas Edwin Pinkston

    The audio is very clear, and the video makes it easy to follow the reading. However, the DVD is very difficult to control. When I try to skip forward to a point further on in the chapter or to the next chapter, it freezes up for a time, then goes to another chapter. Sometimes reverts to chapter 1.

  49. really good

    Posted by Nydia M. Torres

    Excellent for spanish spoken people.

  50. The Blessed Word of the Almighty God!

    Posted by Donald Gardner

    Not only am I blessed by the hearing of the word of God, but it is a tremendous help to learn Spanish as a second language!!

  51. The blessing of both hearing and reading God's word.

    Posted by Hector L. Sanchez

    This DVD bible fulfills verse that says in book Romans 10:17:

  52. usefull product

    Posted by Efrain Jaimes

    family can learn if spend some time on dvd you can read & listen, it makes ease to assimilate

  53. Great

    Posted by Howard F Jaentschke

    The Best Buy.

  54. Ya no hay excusas para escuchar palabra de Dios

    Posted by Erica Francia

    wow es amazing, es facil de buscar los capitulos y versiculos hay imagenes de sitios q habla la Biblia,yo la pongo en mi computer mientras hago mis quehaceres ya q tengo 5 hijos y no tengo tiempo de leerla como quisiera, pero aca te da la opcion de leerla y/0 escucharla.es una gran Bendicion tenerla

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