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Spanish Bible

When we use the term "Spanish Bible" we are generally referring to one of two different translations that are extremely common among Spanish-speaking Christians. These two translations are La Reina Valera and Nueva Version Internacional. The first Reina Valera Biblia is dated back to 1569! It was first translated by Casiodoro de Reina using previous translated texts as his translating base. The Nueva Version Internacional is the Spanish equivalent of the New International Version Bible. Both of these Bible translations are very popular in Spanish-speaking countries. The Reina Valera is the most common Bible in Spanish and is considered an equivalent to the King James Bible in English because of its common use. These translations are meant to be accurate, but they are also made to be easier to understand. Both translations are extremely important in the Christian world. These are great translations to use if you want to understand more of what you read.

A strong relationship with God is something that is built with time and constant work. With a consistent, daily reading of the Holy Bible you will gain a deeper understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With this deeper understanding you will feel peace and comfort even in the hardest trials that you may go through in this life. Grow closer to God through His Holy Word. As you listen to the Bible as an audio recording you will find it easy to pay attention and will learn a lot. Make the decision today to start learning!


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