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  • Front view - Spanish Reina Valera Biblia en Audio on 64 CDs and *Bonus MP3 gift*
  • Back view - Spanish Reina Valera Biblia en Audio on 64 CDs and *Bonus MP3 gift*
  • Inside the zipper carrying case and bonus MP3 case - Spanish Reina Valera Biblia en Audio on 64 CDs and *Bonus MP3 gift*
  • Image of Old Testament disc - Spanish Reina Valera Biblia en Audio on 64 CDs and *Bonus MP3 gift*
  • Image of New Testament disc - Spanish Reina Valera Biblia en Audio on 64 CDs and *Bonus MP3 gift*
  • Front view of bonus MP3 gift - Spanish Reina Valera Biblia en Audio on 64 CDs and *Bonus MP3 gift*
  • Zipper carrying case and audio CDs - Spanish Reina Valera Biblia en Audio on 64 CDs and *Bonus MP3 gift*
  • Front view of CD set and bonus MP3 - Spanish Reina Valera Biblia en Audio on 64 CDs and *Bonus MP3 gift*

Spanish Reina Valera 2000 Biblia en Audio on CD + Free MP3

28 product reviews
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• Reina Valera 2000 Version (Spanish) Santa Biblia
• Complete Bible both Old and New Testaments on 64 Audio CDs
• Narrated by Juan Alberto Ovalle
• Voice Only Narration
• Bonus: The Complete Santa Biblia Reina Valera 2000 on MP3 Disc.
• Packaged in an attractive padded zipper case
• Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
• Length: 81 Hours and 21 Minutes of Bible Reading
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Juan Alberto Ovalle
• Juan Alberto Ovalle, born in the Dominican Republic, came to know the Lord at the age of 14,
• He has served as pastor and preacher in his country, the USA and other countries in Latin-America since he was 19.
• Juan Alberto served Trans World Radio ministry and also the Spanish broadcasting department of Focus on the Family.
• He founded Spanish Christian Audio in 2001 to help Christian organizations with their audio needs.
Translation Information:
• Reina Valera 2000 Version (Spanish)
• The original Spanish Bible was translated from Hebrew and Greek by Casiodoro de Reina (1569); then later revised by Cipriano de Valera (1602), thus the Reina-Valera.
• The Reina Valera 2000 Version is the modernized version of the 1960 Reina Valera Version
• This translations is also known as “Las Sagradas Escrituras Version Antigua - (The Sacred Writings – Version Old)

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  1. love this bible

    Posted by irma rodriguez

    I know this bible will help my sister to know the almighty God creator of heaven and earth

  2. My Father's Delight

    Posted by josephine coronado

    My father is full of joy and his spirit has been uplifted being able to listen to his CD Bible.

  3. Awsome

    Posted by Estela Martinez

    I work alone at an office and at times it gets very lonely and quiet. I read the bible but I wanted a little more when at work. I play it in my computer and I understand it more when I listen to the word. My comprehending had been very limited. I have someone who cannot read & would like her to have one.

  4. A great blessing

    Posted by Fabiola Valadez

    It is a great blessing to listen to the Word of God an often as I have the opportunity to do so. This bible in my own mother's language Spanish is such a blessing. Thank you

  5. Romans 20:16

    Posted by Arturo Lopez

    I enjoy this very much listen to it as I go to work.Where I go I listen to it. It's a good way to learn more of the bible,there is time where you don,t have time to read the bible this helps cause it's in your car pop the cd in and listen,I love it

  6. biblia audible en espanol

    Posted by juan crespo

    una de las mejores inversiones se oyen claros y perfecto no hay ninguna escusa de no poder leer la biblia se oyen y entienden bien con todas sus puntuacion y gramatica espresada a la perfecion. una de las mejores desiciones de compra para el cresimiento espiritual y aprender de la biblia.

  7. Spanish Bible

    Posted by Sherri Culver

    We bought this for a friend that speaks Spanish as his mother tongue. He states that he enjoys listening to it.

  8. santa biblia

    Posted by Lance K Wyatt

    it is a good product I am recomend

  9. wonderful

    Posted by robert buell

    this is a wonderful way to present the bible to not so literate mexican people who do not own a bible or do not have the time to read one.

  10. Bible

    Posted by TOMAS LEON


  11. Santa Bibilia Audio Review

    Posted by Silvia L. Puentes

    Happy with product other than having two CDs replaced. Very happy on returns. Keep up the good work and God bless you.

  12. Opening the door to Heaven

    Posted by Karen Rowe

    I do a ministry for our church called Jump Start: a little help when you need it the MOST. I bought this audio Bible for a Spanish person who can't read. She is an older lady and cried when I gave it to her. The window to our Lord and to Heaven has been opened to her. Thank you for this opportunity.

  13. Excelente manera de conocer la Biblia

    Posted by lena de la hoz

    Esta es la mejor manera de conocer la Biblia, puedo escuchar varios libros en un solo dia,repetir los capitulos que quiera y recordar mas detalles, la voz es clara y la pronunciacion casi perfecta,lo recomiendo a todos los que quieran afianzar sus estudios biblicos, extraordinariamente util.

  14. I loved it

    Posted by Mari Galarza

    I so loved by CD's they are great, I realy recomed them. I presonly don't have time to do my bible reading every day, because I work and in the side I have my own business. When I am in the road I pay my Bible CD's that is the way I have my reading done. Thank you and God bless you for putting this

  15. Biblia en cd en espanol

    Posted by Gladys Millan

    Fue una gran experiencia al poder escucharlo, pues puedo manejar y a la vez enriquecerme en fe y sabiduria. Gracias

  16. Spanish Audio Bible

    Posted by Denise Bailey

    I like the audio bible because I can listen to it in my car and I am able to learn more Spanish as I am learning more about God's word. Usually in my car I don't have much to do, but think and it is nice to have the option to listen to something as I head off to school or any place I need to go.

  17. Excellent!

    Posted by Lorena Garcia

    This is the product that me and my family were looking for. Exceeded my expectations!

  18. Audio Bible

    Posted by Aminta Suarez

    Audio Bible is Great I bought 2 sets and is very easy to understand. Voices are clear. I really recommend it.

  19. Santa Biblia Reyna Balera on CD.

    Posted by Maria Elena Marin

    I love it, more because it is a new version of the Older versions I have and listen to. Thank you and God bless all of you tremendously on the Work you continue to do for His glory. M.E.M.

  20. Spanish Reina Valera Biblia on 64 CDs

    Posted by alexey prieto

    This is by far the best product i have ever bought online in any category, I very strongly recommend it to everybody to buy this Audio Bible. Thank you so much for such an amazing product! God Bless you all!!!

  21. very well presented

    Posted by ruble a hord IV

    I am enjoying my new cds .this helps me learn the word in 2 languages!the dvd of acts is cool too!

  22. Jeanette Heinicke

    Posted by Jeanette Heinicke

    I am thrilled that Audio Bible offers the option of an audio version of God's Word. This Bible was taken to Guatemala and left in the village of my adopted daughters birth family. The villagers are unable to read and yet they hunger for God's word. This was a blessing that can't be put into words.

  23. Spanish Reina Valera Biblia on 64 CDs

    Posted by Elena Reyes

    I love hearing the Bible in the car, while walking, cleaning, or in my quiet time. It helps me to think on God's Word and meditate on it day & night. I had a 1960 AudioBible but gave it to a friend who travels a lot. I really wish you still had that version. I know many who love it and would buy it.

  24. Spanish Reina Valera Biblia on 64 CDs

    Posted by Andrew Tanchyk

    The most accurate translation for spanish. I gave it to my girlfriend to listen to. Speaker reads rather quickly so you need to keep up. Especially for me if Spanish is not your native language. None the less good overall. Así que la fe es por el oir, y el oir, por la palabra de Dios.

  25. Spanish Bible

    Posted by Evett Vega

    I bought this Bible for a young man who is Spanish speaking and illiterate. It has brought him a great deal of pleasure to hear the Word. In addition, the accompanying DVD was very satisfying and beneficial. Knowing that he is happy makes me a very satisfied customer.

  26. Spanish Reina Valera Biblia on 64 CDs

    Posted by Denise Gonzalez

    Wonderful way to hear scripture. Faith comes by hearing.

  27. Autio Bible in Spanish

    Posted by annabel

    I bought this as a gift for my father-in-law and he loves it. He was so suprised when he recieved it. We live in another city so I ordered it and it sent to him. The process and service was great. Thanks for every thing.

  28. Spanish Reina-Valera Biblia

    Posted by Donald F. Thompson

    Missionaries told me the most commonly used Spanish translation, and the best one for Bible study, is Reina-Valera. I choose Juan Ovalle's narration because his voice is most animated. My visually-impaired Hispanic aunt loves it- says this is the best gift she's gotten in her whole life!

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