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Tamil Bible reading in audio format

The Tamil speakers of India, Sri Lanka and all over the world are in need of the transforming message of the Word of God. But how do we reach 120 million people scattered across the face of the globe? The task is enormous but not impossible! It can be accomplished when the message is communicated in the language of the people—the Tamil language.

That’s why we have introduced the Tamil Audio Bible. It brings the good news to the Tamil speaking people in their own native tongue. No longer will they have to listen to poor interpretations or struggle to translate what the Bible says. Every word narrated from the Old and New Testament in this Audio Bible is clear and easy to understand. The world has become smaller—missionaries, evangelists, pastors and others who carry out the Great Commission have the ideal tool to make their ministries more effective.

Its easy-to-use features allow you to move through the chapters and books with ease. It is compact in size making it convenient to carry anywhere. You can enhance your personal devotions, build your faith, use in group studies and share the ever powerful spoken Word with all who will listen.