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The Bible was given to us by God in order to guide us in our complicated lives. You will find constant direction as you consistently read for His Holy Word. As you come closer to God through the Holy Bible, you will find answers to all of your questions. Many people find it difficult to find the necessary time to sit down and physically read from the Holy Bible every day, and for that reason we have made these highly interesting audio recordings of the Bible, so you can find time to listen to the Bible daily. These audio Bibles in this category are MP3 recordings of the Bible that are easily compatible with your MP3 and Android device, so you need not worry about unnecessary complications due to compatibility issues. You will easily be able to find your way in these recordings because of their organization by chapter and book.

We have the lowest prices on audio Bibles available on the market and we have been selling audio Bibles for many years. We have an immense collection of audio Bibles, so please take the time to look through our selection and you will find the version that is right for you and your family. All of our Bibles are approved by a Bible society for authenticity, so whatever Bible you choose you can rest assured that you are receiving the accurate Word of God. We aim only to help you find what you need, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


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