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Bible on CD

The Holy Bible is incredibly important in our lives. Everyday we can learn from a careful study of the Word of God. As we learn about Him and His Gospel through the words of the Holy Bible we can grow closer to our Heavenly Father. It may be extremely hard to find time to read consistently in your busy schedule, but that is why we are here to provide you with high quality readings of the Bible. All of the Audio Bibles in this category are put in compact disk (CD) form. CD's are often the most convenient way for people to listen to the Bible because CD players are so commonly found in households and automobiles around the world. You will now easily be able to listen to your new audio Bible as you drive in your car! Many of our audio Bibles come in a set of many disks, but our audio Bibles are organized by book and chapter so you are easily able to find your place in the Bible as you read on a consistent basis.

All of our audio Bibles are extremely high quality recordings that are made to be extremely entertaining and spiritually uplifting. Nonetheless, you should consider which translation of the Bible you are most familiar with. There is no large difference between the translations, but some translations are easier to understand for certain people because of their familiarity with each version. Take the time to make a decision on which audio Bible is right for you and your family!


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