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New King James

The New King James version of the Bible was translated first as a New Testament translation is the year 1979 before the full version Bible was translated in 1982. This translation of the Holy Bible took only about 7 years to complete, and it was done so by an incredibly large team of 130 translators of many different denominations. The translators of this Bible version mainly aimed to stay incredibly true to the ancient Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew manuscripts. They also used other ancient texts, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls to guide them. The purpose of this translation was to convert the language of the Holy Bible into the more modern English language (for example using gives instead of giveth). This Bible was commissioned as a sort of update to the original King James Version of the Holy Bible. You will be able to grow closer to God through the New King James Version of the Bible because of its clarity and exactness.

A constant commitment to the Word of God will completely change your life. Peace and comfort are offered to you by your Heavenly Father through the guidance that you will find in the Holy Bible. Take advantage of God's gift to man by reading His Word daily and applying the teachings found there. Your family will be highly blessed with your increased spirituality. An Audio Bible is a great way for you to understand the Bible and you will never regret learning more of the Word of God! 




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